We know that loading your website with ads that force viewers to see specific content can be tempting, yet being unobtrusive with your audience not only makes your ads more effective but also makes your brand more desirable. The article we shared last week on Generational Marketing: Rockin’ Your Ads contains several helpful tips to help you create the best ads. Another factor that plays a role in the success of your advertising is the ads size. The Google infographic below shows the percentage of views based on their digital ad sizes. When creating your ads, use the dimensions with the highest percentage of views in order to improve ad visibility.


The infographic shows that the vertical ad units 120 by 240 have a 55.6% view rate. The next ad sizes that followed were the ad units 240 by 400 with a 54.9% view rate, then 160 by 600 with a 53.7% view rate and 120 by 600 with a 52.7% view rate. While ads running with the dimensions of 300 by 600 had a 46.3% view rate.

The most effective horizontal ad sizes were as follows: Ad units 234 by 60 had a 51.4% view rate, while ad units 320 by 50 had a 48.4% view rate and units 468 by 60 had a 48.2% view rate before entirely dropping off. The ad sizes causing the least hype were square ads with the dimensions of 300 by 250 having a 41% view rate, and 336 by 280 having a 44% view rate.


Click the image below to view the infograph in full screen.


Source: Google Infographic “5 Factors of Viewability”.

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