War Child: Alice

Where others see victims with needs, we see children with rights….

Charities and NGOs traditionally based their work on meeting the needs of the people they help. ‘Nothing wrong with that’ you might think, but in practice it often creates a situation where the beneficiaries become reliant on aid, and their governments are let off the hook. Our approach is that yes – children have immediate needs, but they also have rights – the right to an education, the right to live free from violence etc.

Those rights are supposed to be protected by international and national laws and conventions, and there are governments and councils responsible for upholding them. We do help meet the immediate needs, but it’s part of a bigger program where we’re also helping them to campaign/lobby to make sure that the local, national and international govts/bodies are held responsible. And we’re helping them to meet those rights by training social workers and helping to build or refurbish schools. Read more