3 Questions to Help You Decide If Your Website Needs a Redesign

Understand the Problem First, Redesign Later…

There can be circumstances when the best websites may not yield the desired results. This can be possible in a situation when you are neglecting one or more of the many factors that contribute to a great website for your industry.

Knowing about your status and that which is prevalent in the market is very important.

The website of a company works as its face. It is a source for all online communications and works as a marketing hub for its users.

Making the decision to redesign your website can be tough.

So how can you know if the current design of your website is apt or not?

We decided to write this blog to help you make an informed decision. There are 3 questions that you should ask yourself before planning to revamp your website.

Question 1: Is the design outdated when compared with the Industry?

Just like car models or fashion, the designs for your website can change over time. There was a time when website designs involving textures and earthy colors was well prevalent in most industries. But now, the designs have changed. People now prefer simple designs with less colors.

One major reason for this shift is the change in devices for search. Since more and more audiences are relying on mobile devices, the need for simpler designs have increased. The simple or flat designs work better on mobile devices which makes it a preferred choice.

One easy option to find the status of your website design is to compare it to websites with similar businesses. You should research and see how the websites are designed on the web and which design makes an attractive one.

Your website delivers the first impression to your viewers, make sure it represents you well.

Question 2: Does your website have a relevant SEO or content marketing strategy?

Your SEO and content marketing strategy holds an essential feature in your websites’ design. If you haven’t started using SEO services, then you aren’t optimizing your website to get maximum search engine visibility. SEO campaigns include optimizing areas like content, page title, tags and other areas of code.

Content is the king of digital marketing, thus a content strategy adds contextual value to the website. This process helps in filtering websites that can be useful for the users.

Thus, an effective website design means that your website will load fast and works well on multiple devices.

Question 3: Is your website mobile friendly?

This is one of the most essential features that you must have on your website. The mobile friendliness test from Google allows its users to get a basic knowledge of the potential problems a website can have with the mobile based searches.

A good and responsive website design will make sure that the site you own is effective on all devices including Androids, iPhones, laptops, desktops and all other tablets and smart devices.

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