7 Tips to Build Better Responsive Websites

What It Is and How to Use It

Building responsive websites is not an option; it is a necessity. Like you expect your car’s steering to be responsive and your bike’s brakes to be responsive as a part of user experience, even your website should be sensitive to your customer’s needs.

A responsive website would mean that no matter what platform or device is used to view the site, it runs smoothly without any glitch or confusion. It sounds like a cakewalk, but it takes a lot of careful analysis and coding to build a responsive website.

We’ve shared some handy tips below to help you make your website responsive!

● Understand Your Customers

You need to understand what your customers need. Your website is just an extension of your physical business. Just like you open the door for them, greet them, and offer them a beverage to create a lasting user experience, you need to understand how to make your customers feel the same warmth throughout your website.

● Minimalism for the Win

While you can practically opt for any design, minimalism will prove to be the most suitable choice. This is so because using a minimalistic design will ensure that your main content is highlighted, and the design layout does not steal attention from what is essential. Many Professional Web Design Companies in Houston believe that it is much easier to work on responsiveness for a minimalistic page layout.

● Make It Interactive

The use of micro-interactions can help make your website more interactive, responsive, and user-friendly. For instance, a web design that gives the quoted price for services after you enter the details. It can also be in the form of flying hearts that Instagram recently came up with. You can collaborate with a Professional Web Design Company in Houston like Angel SEO Services to come up with a personalized micro-interaction for your website. Anything that captures your user’s attention and makes them stay on your site for longer will ultimately increase business.

● No More Fixation on Pixels

Gone are the days when pixel sizes were fixed. Now website designers and most web design companies in Houston listed as experts opt for a fluid grid that helps make sites more responsive. The fluid grid does not have a predetermined size but adapts to the page proportions according to the screen size. This ensures that all elements are perfectly sized. You can make modifications in the CSS codes or hire a Houston web design company to do the job for you.

● Optimize For Any Situation

One of the key takeaways from statistics is that a user might view your website on a desktop, laptop, mobiles, or tablet. Some desktops have a touchscreen; hence you need to prepare your website for use on any platform. Also, note that tiny buttons are hard to press and can be replaced by icons or images.

● Pay Attention to Image Sizing

While investing space and including visual content on your website is a must, optimizing and storing these images in the correct format is more important. Since your website will run on different devices, your images need close attention. Any professional web design company in Houston can help you optimize your images by saving them in a suitable format on every platform.

● Avoid Absolute Replication

A common misconception is that to make your website responsive; you need to ensure that you can replicate it in the same way on all platforms. This is completely unnecessary and not practical. Instead, every layout deserves something unique according to what it has to offer. For a mobile screen, it is advisable to go for a more straightforward, clutter-free interface and try to club some menus and options to provide for much-needed breathing space.

Whether you’re working on a new website or looking to optimize an existing one, these tips will come in handy to build a more responsive site. In case you are struggling to integrate responsiveness, you can contact Angel SEO Services, a Professional Web Design Company in Houston that can help you with all your optimizations. Building a responsive website will ensure the longevity of your business and will keep your customers happy!

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