All You Need to Know About a Landing Page

In the digital marketing space, a landing page is the first page where the visitor is greeted right after clicking on the ad, link, or re-links sent to them by the website owner through various platforms such as social media and emails. This page is constructed to help create a call to action that helps in the conversion of visitors to potential customers, making them the ultimate leads.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are focused on one single objective and contain just a single link, making it the best chance for yielding conversion. Unlike a homepage, a landing page does not have a lot of navigation options. This makes the user focus on the only thing showcased on the particular page they land on. Every website is recommended to have their landing page showcased on various popular social media platforms for their brand(s).

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Types of Landing Pages

You will find a lot of variations of landing pages; however, we have narrowed down the two most significant ones:

➠ Lead Generation Landing Pages

Also known as “lead capture” or “lead gen” in online marketing terms, are the most popular types of landing pages used by websites to market their products and services online. These pages use forms as their means to convert visitors into leads. This form asks the visitor to fill in some necessary information about themselves regarding the concerned product/service in exchange for some offerings.

➠ Clickthrough Landing Pages

E-commerce marketers often use this type of page. These pages directly lead visitors to the checkout point where they purchase or subscribe to the services and the products showcased. They are pretty direct with click and purchase objectives.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

A user browsing through the internet comes across your advertisement or link and clicks on it. They are then redirected to a single page – the landing page of the website. There is a single clickable link to fill out a form filled by the visitor converting the visitor into a lead. The information is then stored systematically in your database and can be used by you later to help you market your product and services to them. These then become your potential customers.

Process of Conversion:

➠ Calls to Action (CTAs)

These are in the form of a line or image that prompts the visitor to complete a specified task. They guide the visitor where exactly to click. The more it resonates with the visitors, the more it will help convert them into leads.

➠ The Landing Page

Next comes the landing page. This page presents itself with the form that the visitor is supposed to fill. It also explains the offers given to them in exchange for filling out the form. The offer should be worded and appropriately presented to encourage them to fill the required form.

➠ The Thank You Page

After the form is filled, the visitor is directed to a Thank You page that appreciates the visitor for their time and the link for them to claim the mentioned offer. The Thank You pages are often equipped with links to other landing pages, articles, seminars, or webinars, thus prompting them to other promotions of their brand.

Research Before Creating the Landing Page

Before creating a mind-blowing landing page, you need to research and understand various factors essential for your promotion. Quality research for landing pages can be performed effectively with the help of Angel SEO Services.

➠ Customer Behavior:

While building a landing page, its influence on the various types of customer minds should be considered. Multiple people will visit your landing page, so it should resonate with not only one but the maximum amount of visitors. Hence an extensive study about human behavior and their personas should be carried out before designing the page.

➠ The Buying Process.

This helps you understand why the customer behaves in a particular way or pattern. Right from needing or wanting something to buying it falls under this. It involves various stages such as:

The foremost step is feeling the need for a product or service, which then prompts the individual to carry out a bit of research about the products’ availability and features. This includes obtaining relevant information about the it through various sources available on the internet. Your content should provide them with the required information.

Next, the individual compares the information obtained about similar and competitive products. Thorough comparisons about the features, prices, and other information are carried out. Comparative papers and related e-books should form part of your content at this stage.

The final step is the decision stage. Here the individual has narrowed down the potential vendors and is ready to become a buyer and a customer. Here your content should include information about the product, offers, examples as well as demos.

Designing the Perfect Landing Page

Now that you have done your research, it’s time to build your website’s perfect landing page. There are specific essential points to consider to make your landing page the most ideal.

➥ Headlines attract a lot of visitors. An innovative headline compels visitors to stay and continue.

➥ The information on the landing page should be well put together and correctly worded to retain the visitor’s attention and interest. A good summary and bullet points with large and neat fonts should be followed.

➥ Everyone loves big and bright images as they help captivate the visitor’s eyes more than the text. So, including images on your landing page will help entice the visitor to convert into a lead.

➥ The form should be built with keeping in mind your prospect’s requirements. Only the relevant points should be added. And the list of entries shouldn’t be very long. Their contact details will further help the marketer present his product and service to them at the decision stage.

➥ There shouldn’t be any distraction with any other link for navigation. Their attention should be undivided and should be solely on the form and its content.

➥ Sharing options on other social media platforms should be provided on your landing page’s top or bottom. This will help increase your reach to further potential customers.

➥ If possible, provide reviews and testimonials from previous customers as this will help encourage them to become your leads.

➥ Keep the information on your page comprehensive and crisp. It should be proofread multiple times for any mistakes.

➥ Test your page multiple times before letting it go live. Ask your family, friends, or colleagues to help with this testing. This will help you understand a slice of the real deal.

➥ Share your advertisement and your links through social media platforms as much as possible.

➥ Reviewing everything at the end is essential. Analyze your mistakes and find solutions that could be helpful for the next time.

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