Best Rated Review Management Software

One of the most important things to every brand is their Image. Every company wants its perception by its publics to be great. So the need for reputation management arises. Because it is key to achieving and maintaining this.

Thus, it is crucial for brands to get a company that can secure their image and also augment it across different platforms with speed and glamour.

To this end, we have cumulated the best reputation management software options for your brand to choose from.

The following are our top 6 reputation management softwares:

  • My Review Engine
  • Chatmeter
  • Yotpo
  • Birdeye
  • Brand24
  • Rize Reviews

When Should A Business Get A Reputation Management Software?

There are three situations that will determine if your business needs a reputation management software. And they are as follows:

  • It’s a startup with no reputation yet.
  • It’s experiencing a crisis and you need to repair its dented image.
  • It has a great reputation and you just want to sustain it.

If you look very well, your business must fall into one of these categories. This is to say every business needs a very good reputation management software.

A Comparison Of Our Top 6 Reputation Management Softwares

Our top 6 will give you insight to which of the Online Reputation Management Softwares is for you.


MyReviewEngine is a user-friendly reputation management software that lets regular professionals generate more reviews. Also, it helps them get more exposure by establishing great customer relations.

Customers have the liberty to rate in stars from 1-5, and can post their comments privately or publicly. Regardless, you can contain what is seen or not.


Just like MyReviewEngine, Chatmeter is also very seamless to use. And it helps you connect and engage with your customers on a worldwide level.

With the way Chatmeter’s dashboard is designed, you are in absolute control of the direction of every conversation regarding your brand.


Yotpo is a more powerful reputation management software. In fact, it is the foremost eCommerce marketing platform. And its edge over the first two have to be its ability to drastically improve direct-to-consumer growth.

With the integration of everyday social media used by people, like Instagram and so on, Yotpo empowers you to create more intelligent stuff. It also helps you derive higher-conversion experiences that trigger customer loyalty and sustain customer relationships.

Meanwhile, Yotpo is one of Forbes’ Cloud 100 companies.


Birdeye is a top tier reputation management software that has everything a brand can desire when it comes to enhancing customer experience and maintaining relationships.

It is said to have over 60,000 businesses registered as its users. It is fantastic at attaining visibility and getting great connections with potential customers. And also keeping the existent one cordial and active.


Brand24 is a simple, yet reliable social media monitoring solution. Thousands of companies of all sizes use Brand24 to identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors across the web.

Brand24 is a very powerful software for reputation management. And as a user you are kept abreast of conversations regarding your brand, identify sales leads, improve customer service and also keep an eye on your competitors.

Rize Reviews

This is a reputation management company that places utmost priority in monitoring customer satisfaction, feedback and generation of great virtual reviews. Rize has a unique feature of custom writings to help customers save time in typing how they feel.


Your brand’s specific needs determine the reputation management software you choose. For example Brand24 may be great for most businesses, but should your business have peculiar issues, then you might have to go for one like the RizeReviews.

Nevertheless, we are an online reputation specialist and we can make a big difference in helping find a solution tailored specifically for your brand, including getting 100% customized software for your brand online reputation management.

We have the best reputation management experts and are connected to the best public relations firms online. We have the connections and reputation in our industry to make anything happen for you in it. Contact us today and get a free reputation evaluation today

Best Rated Review Management Software

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