Calgary SEO Pricing

Calgary SEO Pricing

If your company sells some products and services, people need to know about them when they go to the internet. But the internet is a mine of information, and a quick search of your products and services can return several other rival businesses. When you lose visibility, you lose potential clientele. People will often narrow down their search preferences online to some specific words or phrases, which are consistent among all of them. For your business website to stand out in these very crucial moments, its contents need to lead people directly to it.

SEO versus SEM

That is what Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) essentially does. It's one of the two top methods in Digital marketing in Calgary and generally. It helps to attract and increase traffic to your website. The other is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They're both effective for optimizing a website in terms of traffic and visibility. Calgary seo agency depends largely on organic search results, that is, a website listing that is matched by a user's search query ranked according to their relevance. On the other hand, SEM combines both the organic search results with paid search marketing. In other words, you're paying for your website to display high up on a search page when people search for your products and services for a (paid) time.

An overview of the pricing scale for our SEO services

While SEM can cost a lot of money (businesses spend about $10,000 requires more technical knowledge and expertise to carry it out successfully. It could even be more expensive for your business should you decide to do it yourself instead of hiring a professional SEO company in Calgary. But the prices differ from company to company and also depend on what SEO services you need. In Calgary, SEO pricing can be daunting for business owners. But worry no more. Calgary SEO Consulting is a top Calgary search engine optimization expert. Here's an overview of our various SEO plans and their service prices.

Our SEO in Calgary plans and pricing

  • Business Starter

Also known as Local SEO, it is our basic plan for business owners just setting up their brand. It's applicable for those already in business and wants to digitize by setting up a website. This SEO pricing costs $3000 and takes between 4 and 6 weeks to run. Apart from optimizing every page of your website for SEO, it includes other benefits such as:

  1. A professional business website logo;
  2. Security plugins to prevent hacking;
  3. Google Analytics installed to track traffic;
  4. Google apps emails setup (per user cost); etc.
  • Business Onpage SEO

This is for a business that has an existing website but needs further optimization. It's the most sought-after Search engine optimization in Calgary, AB, and helps resolve technical issues responsible for the loss of visibility your website used to enjoy. This SEO pricing costs $9000 and takes between just two weeks to run. Among others, benefits include:

  1. A thorough Onpage audit for essential factors;
  2. Installation of Schema(Google Validation tool);
  3. Keyword research, report, and discussion;
  4. Verification and setup of Google search console); etc.
  • Business SEO/Facebook Combo Marketing

This SEO pricing is the most unique and innovative among our plans. Our experience has taught us that your lead conversion improves when you combine Facebook marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Surprisingly, this plan comes short in costs. It goes for just $1500 monthly and doesn't have a time limit. It offers the following:

  1. Two free Blog articles a month by Professional writers;
  2. Blog syndication across every social media platform;
  3. Upgrading your website design
  4. Monthly monitoring of traffic and report of growth;
  5. An aggressive Content marketing campaign, etc.

Contact Calgary SEO Consulting to take your business to the next level with SEO: 403-386-7427.

Calgary SEO Pricing

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