Content Maintenance Strategy: 6 Tips for a Cleaner Website

Keeping the existing content fresh and up-to-date is essential for website owners to ensure good SEO results. Likewise, it’s excellent for readers to visit a clean site that shows the latest content without digging too much. Content maintenance is about more than just cleaning out old news stories or other dated entries; it’s also necessary to ensure your site is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Keeping content fresh gives plenty of benefits. Thus, making this task part of your standard maintenance routine will help with speed optimization. Your site’s average page load time should be much faster by eliminating outdated or irrelevant pages.

Keeping up with the latest changes in your industry can be a full-time job— not to mention the hours spent filtering through emails and reading dozens of blogs every week. At Angel SEO Services, a local SEO Houston-based agency, we have the best Houston SEO experts that can help you update your website’s content regularly. This leads to maintaining your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Up-to-date content will make your site more exciting and engaging for readers, which will also help improve your SEO.

But what does “regular basis” exactly mean? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The frequency with which you should update your website’s content will vary depending on several factors, including:

➥ Your industry
➥ The amount of content on your website
➥ The page authority and ranking of your website
➥ How well you’ve optimized your content

Let us go through the top tips to keep up with this SEO practice:

We all want a neat, clean and engaging website. But sometimes, it’s challenging to understand where to start and make the first update. So, here are some tips on how you can do that:

Reserve time for content maintenance

Set some time aside to tend to your content if you haven’t already. It’s challenging to find a time when work is upfront staring at you during the day. But once you take that first step and schedule the tasks accordingly, you will be grateful that you did. Content is constantly evolving, and you must stay up-to-date with your pages as well as new changes in your industry.

What does the data say? 

As per a recent survey conducted in 2021, 24.6 percent stated accurate and deep content is one of the crucial factors that impacts search rankings. Content maintenance can take up a lot of time, especially if your team is small or just starting. You can try assigning specific tasks to your team members, but you may also want to consider using a content management system (CMS) to help automate some of the tasks. Seeking guidance from Houston SEO experts is also helpful in doing the needful.

Always keep an eye on your most important content.

On any given day, there are typically a handful of articles that receive the majority of readership and views. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the most viewed content refreshed and updated periodically. Check in on your most popular articles at least once per quarter to ensure that they still meet the standard quality. If you feel that it needs an update, consider refreshing the content entirely or reformatting it for another medium, for instance, a video, infographic, etc.

Improve your internal linking 

One of the essential parts of a website is internal linking. This allows readers to navigate from one article to another easily. It also helps search engines understand what your page is all about and helps your website rank higher. You don’t want disjointed content; instead, link it to related articles within your site to make sense for the reader.

Cleaning up your older content 

Is there an article from a few years ago that still gets traffic but doesn’t quite make the grade anymore? It might be time for a content overhaul. Rewrite it to improve readability and update any facts or statistics. You could also consider removing it entirely if you feel the content is irrelevant. Remember, never remove an article without creating a 301 redirect to another page.

Check your content per topic/tag.

Are you sure that all content on your website is relevant to your target audience? Take a look at the blog categories or tags and make sure that everything lines up perfectly. If any articles are irrelevant, consider removing them. If you choose to leave them as they are, make sure that you utilize the no-index tag. This will signal Google not to include those pages in search results. Our Houston SEO experts can help you with this.


Keeping your website clean and free of old and irrelevant content is necessary for the content maintenance process. Doing so will help to ensure that Google doesn’t struggle to find all of the information on your page(s) or penalize your site because it isn’t correctly optimized. By keeping these six tips in mind, you’ll be sure to keep your site ranking well.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your website more impactful is by updating its design. If it’s looking outdated or dull, a fresh layout could do wonders. Angel SEO Services, a local SEO Houston-based digital marketing agency, is known as one of Houston’s best SEO companies that offers content writing and website designing services.

We can also help you to improve your website’s navigation. If visitors can’t easily find the information they’re looking for, they’re likely to leave quickly. We can help to simplify your web pages and make your website more user-friendly.

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