4 Cool Facebook Ad Campaign Tips for Your Business

How to Win at Facebook Ads…

No matter how many social media sites pop up, Facebook has always topped the list as the most ideal place for companies to find the right audience and business. However, there are dozens of brands trying to target the right audiences and make their mark on Facebook. In order for you to get the results you’re looking for, you will need to learn how to use the platform effectively. Having a skilled professional with knowledge on how Facebook advertising actually works will help you develop a winning strategy.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing 4 cool tips that can help you boost your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Let’s get started!

1. Various ad sets for different target audiences

You can start by creating different sets of unique ad sets for various audiences. Not all users have the same taste and tailored ads will help you connect easily with different people. Since Facebook is providing the option to create different ad sets for separate users, why not take full advantage of it? Creating different ad sets will help you figure out what works—and what doesn’t; in less time.

For example…

Suppose you own a makeup brand and want to sell it to different women of various age groups. So, what do you do? You can create an ad for budget friendly cosmetics and another ad for more expensive items. You can deliver the first ad to students, who always look for discounted products and the second ad to professional salons or working women. Both ads will be different, but the products will be yours.

2. Use good and relevant images

It is a proven fact that visual content is more useful than boring textual content. Forget about everyone else for a minute. Think about it from your perspective; if you are scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed and an ad pops up with some text, would you bother reading it? Of Course not! But, if you see a very catchy picture, it will peak your curiosity and you’ll click the ad. It’s the simplest and smartest way to get a user to click your ad.

3. Cleverly attach landing pages to your ads

It is not a good idea to always attach your ad to your product page. It might often have a negative impact on the audience. Even if the user is interested in your ad, without them getting detailed information about what you’re selling, they may not buy it. Again, Facebook ads are not cheap and you cannot let your investment go in vain. The best method is to link your ad to a landing page. You can not only provide all the details and images of the product but you get to also urge the user to make a purchase by inserting a CTA (Call to Action). Trust us, it’s the most basic and effective way to get the most out of your Facebook ads.

4. Maintain a strict budget and a bid strategy

You should always maintain a strict budget to refrain yourself from overspending. Facebook has a tool called Optimized CPM, by which you give permission to Facebook for bidding ad space based on your goals. If you do not have a good idea on ad space, then it is advisable to use this tool or you can always leave it to the professionals!

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