How Do “Clip Markup” and “Seek Markup” Help You Rank High on SERPs?

When it comes to SEO practices, everyone’s scrambling to keep up with the latest trends. Google is well-known for turning its massive algorithm (with at least 500 algorithm updates annually) and bringing down those who haven’t kept up with the latest developments. So, it cannot be easy to keep track of all the significant updates. 

However, you can hire an SEO agency that specializes in offering top-notch SEO Houston services to businesses of different sizes and help them stay on top of all the developments within the SEO industry. With this in mind, today, we will discuss two such important SEO terms that play a significant role in Google rankings: ‘clip markup” and “seek markup.” 

What is Clip Markup?

In simple terms, a Clip Markup is just a snippet of a video. It allows you to specify the exact start and endpoint of each segment, making it easy to create annotations that use video or audio and saves you time by automatically snapping your marks to key positions.

You can insert these clips wherever you want in your video and associate them with a specific label. So if you have a video about the history of sports, you can create clips of an essential point in history, associate it with the label “history,” and overlay it on the video itself. Then upon playback, Google can show this snippet at that specific time point.

How to use video Clip Markup for SEO?

You can use the VideoObject structured data to identify clips in a video. Obviously, this is a more general way to tell Google about your video and allow it to index your video in the top spot of search results. 

What is Seek Markup?

The Seek Markup is a type of video sitemap that allows you to tell Google how your URL structure is set up so it can choose which moments in the video are worth highlighting. 

It’s different from clip markup because you tell Google which specific moments to highlight with clip markup. With seek markup, you can instruct Google on the URL structure, so it knows how to find highlight points in a video and what it is about in the first place.

For example, if you have multiple videos on your website, you can provide information on how they should be linked to Google search results. SeekMarkup will mark up the URLs of such videos so users can easily click and watch them right away. 

How to use video Seek Markup for SEO?

This type of structured data lets you provide information about a specific piece of video content so that search engines can better understand it. It can include metadata such as:

➥ The title of the video

➥ A brief description of the video

➥ An image representing the video 

How structuring your videos will make Google work in your favor

The answer is simple. By making it more accessible and easier to find by optimizing your videos.

Videos are a great way to show off the latest products, explain a complex service, or give a quick tutorial on how to do something. It’s a powerful way to help your customers understand what you offer in a very short amount of time. No wonder so many Local SEO Houston-based companies utilize the method to upscale their clients’ business.

People love watching videos so much that they’re now the most consumed type of content on the web, surpassing text and images combined! Not to mention but by the end of year 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — that is 15 times higher than it was in 2017. 

As an SEO professional, you need to ensure that your videos are properly optimized to rank, which can be achieved through video SEO.

Video SEO helps your videos achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) so that people can find them more easily. When search engines know what information your video contains, they can add it to relevant results pages for users searching for that topic/information.

Moreover, by adding structured data markup to your videos, you can:

➥ Enable your video content to appear within Google Search results.

➥ Enable your video content to appear within Google Search results.

➥ Provide information about your videos, such as their title, description, upload date, and duration.

➥ Display additional content about your video or organization directly on a search result page.

➥ Link back to your site from the search result page.

Wrapping up

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