How Does Blogging Help in SEO?

Write Blogs That Rank!

Often, when we read a blog or article on the web, we find it supported by trending keywords and hyperlinks. You must be wondering why that is. The reason is SEO! For those of you who don’t know much about SEO, let us give you a synopsis.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a technical process of editing your website in such a way that the traffic derived on the site increases. The main play card for working on SEO is the web design and content. Hiring an agency or expert for local SEO services at the beginning of your business helps your organization grow tremendously.

In fact, even local SEO services help in ranking your site high in search engines when users search for certain keywords. Many local SEO Houston-based agencies suggest that it takes about six months to one year to complete the process of ranking the website high in the SERPs. It is done with the help of targeting competitive keywords. Here is where producing quality and SEO-friendly content helps a lot.

How does blogging help in SEO?

The main objective of SEO is to convert users browsing the website into potential customers. Let us have a look as to how blogging makes the process easier:

1. Users stay on the website for a longer period of time.

Leads usually end up on your website through social media, emails, or Google search. At times they go through the products and/or services and decide to exit. However, this will not happen if they stumble upon an interesting blog to read. The blog might also encourage them to check out the products in their cart or contact you for your services. Spreading knowledge and making some money? Well, blogging is definitely a win-win situation!

2. Target the long-tail keywords like a pro.

Many keywords are longer than the usual two words combination. It can be quite complicated to use them otherwise but thank god for blogging that this task can be done with ease. People usually ignore the long-tail keywords, unaware of the fact that they are most important for SEO. Long-tail keywords are more specific and help in attracting the exact target audience as per the main plan.

3. Get a chance to add internal links.

If you want the user to complete the purchase, then adding internal links to the blog is the best way. Not only does it help the user understand your products or services better, but it also increases their browsing time. Internal links also help to strengthen the connection of the target keywords with Google ranking, thus helping Google understand the algorithm.

4. Develop a stronger connection with the audience.

This point might not be directly related to SEO, but it does attract more traffic. For instance, if you gain the trust of the audience with your blog posts emphasizing the importance of a nutritional diet, they will happily purchase the organic jams you are selling on your site. Thus, online marketing is all about creating a connection with the audience through constant engagement.


There are plenty of videos on the internet that teach you how SEO works and how you can implement it on your business website. As a beginner, it is recommended to hire local SEO services as it contributes to your business’s major technicalities and expertise. Agencies also help your organization increase its brand recognition and boost sales through various digital activities.

If you have questions, contact our agents at Angel SEO Services, a local SEO Houston-based marketing agency. Angel SEO Services believes that small businesses can widely benefit from local SEO services. They recommend that every business should focus on local business listing, published content in the form of blogs and images, custom citation building, and local mobile ‘check-in’ promotions for business growth.

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