How to Calculate Your SEO ROI Using Google Analytics?

You might have spent many hours learning the latest and most effective SEO strategies, but all this can go in vain if you don’t know how to measure them. It’s true that in some cases, the SEO ROI has reached up to 1,031%, but if you don’t know how to calculate ROI, then you can never benefit from it.

The best way to calculate SEO ROI is to start using Google Analytics, but the key to successfully calculating SEO ROI lies in how well you can use Google Analytics. So, without any further ado, let’s learn how to use Google Analytics to calculate SEO ROI seamlessly.

Page value

Page value is the average value that a page receives through a user’s visit before visiting the main page or the landing page or completing an E-commerce transaction. By knowing the page value, you can know which pages have contributed to the sites’ revenue. Even while using a Houston TX SEO service, you will understand the importance of page value.

If there is a page that isn’t involved in any E-commerce transaction, its overall value will come down to zero. So, we can say that page value is calculated based on the utility of that specific page.

E-commerce settings

Most companies providing Houston, TX SEO services for e-commerce clients use the E-commerce settings to know their importance. By turning on a couple of E-commerce settings in Google Analytics, you can track total order numbers, sales amount, average order value, billing location, and much more.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to turn on the E-commerce settings:

» Sign in to your Google Account
» Go to the Admin section and click on the VIEW you want
» Click on E-commerce Settings and then enable E-commerce
» You also have the option of enabling Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

If you are using Woocommerce or Shopify, you should make sure to set tracking on these platforms. This helps Google Analytics to communicate better and gather the correct information.

Sales Performance

This feature is limited to E-commerce only, and with its help, you can display sales from all sources and channels. You even have the option of identifying organic traffic only, and then you can find out the revenue based on it as well.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to view Sales Performance:

» Go to the left panel of your Google Analytics dashboard and click on Conversions
» Click on the E-commerce section
» Finally, choose Sales performance

By following these steps, you can get a breakdown of every transaction and even discern details related to the revenue in the form of an overview.

Engagement events

If you are running an E-commerce website and go for Houston, TX, SEO service, then the SEO company will undoubtedly focus on engagement events.

You can begin by aligning with your sales team and then coming up with a value to a goal based on average order value, conversation rate, and the number of sign-ups. This might be beneficial for e-commerce sites, but it can also be used for lead-generation sites with longer transactions and sales cycles.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to view campaign engagement data:

» Click on Behavior
» Choose Events
» And then click on Top Events

The first thing you should do while calculating SEO ROI through Google Analytics is to align business goals with the different measurable metrics, as this helps build a long-term plan for sustainable growth. This is what companies offer Houston, TX SEO services.

It’s not a secret that SEO is the soul of the digital platform for any business, but without proper measurement methods, you can never be sure what is working and what is going into vain.

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