Local SEO Tips for New Businesses

What is local SEO?

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimization. Its main focus is to optimize the online presence of a business. This helps in displaying web pages when a user enters local searches for that particular product or service.

So, who can benefit from local SEO?
If a business has a physical location or is situated in a specific geographic area, then it can reap benefits from local SEO.

How does SEO help your business grow?
When any important keyword related to your business is searched in Google, a map pack appears. This helps a user to find your business when searching for your products/services and thus helps it grow.

Tips for local SEO

Claiming Your Business Listings
You will find that after a certain period, there are listings created for your business, leading to duplicate listings online. You need to make sure that they are all accurate, up-to-date and claim them under your business name. For duplicate listings, be sure to remove them. At times, it gets tiring and time-consuming to find all these listings therefore, you can use some helpful tools available online like Yext.

Adding Location Pages to Your Website
The search engine result page displays the most comparable matches by going through your site. When you have a particular landing page for every business location, it helps search engines to locate your listing and as a result, the user reaches the appropriate location. Another thing to keep in mind is the way you write your location information. This will validate that the appropriate location is being displayed on the web.

Improving the Consistency of NAP
It’s critical that your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) matches everywhere online. This will help the search engines to find your business and display it for the user. Also, the key factor here is to be thoughtful about what you pick. Remember to add LLC, Co. or Inc., (if any). Pay attention to using the correct suite numbers, street, avenue, and road name. Being consistent is essential!

Updating Google My Business
There are users all over the internet who rely on your business listings for the correct information. Your GMB must be up-to-date and easily visible to users searching for your business. For visibility in the SERPs, contact a Houston SEO agency for more information.

Checking on Reviews
Reviews play an essential role in business. Using this tactic by telling your customers to leave a positive comment can work wonders. It not only helps you rank better but also takes up more spaces on the result pages. When your target audience spots five stars beside your name on third party websites, they know the business is well-recommended.

Acquiring Backlinks From Partnerships and Sponsorships
You need to list down the businesses and organizations that you are related to, including the fundraising events your business was a part of. This will help to increase your reach over the internet and helps you reach your target audience more conveniently.

Utilize Social Media Platforms
Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter can help your business tremendously when utilized properly. Your Local SEO, in Houston and everywhere else, should include social media marketing. You should post often and engage with your customers and reach out to influencers. If you have the budget, but don’t have the time, reach out to a Houston SEO digital marketing agency to help guide you on which platforms are best to use for your particular business.

Voice Search Optimization
Voice search is predicted to increase exponentially in the coming years. In contrast with textual searches, consumers use more long keywords in voice search. As a consequence, you’ll even have to work with your SEO agency to match someone’s conversational language.

Building Content Based on Local Events or News
Well, there is no better way of drawing the interest of local customers than communicating an issue. At the same time, make sure that it fits your business model. You can try writing blog posts, promoting local causes, and building location-specific pages. For instance, for the US market, an event in Texas will help increase reach with Local SEO in Houston and other nearby cities.

Using Local Keywords
When you use local keywords, you can reach more customers in your area and drive them to your website, which gets you more visitors to your business. Using local keywords improves your search engine ranking faster than competing nationally. If you don’t know how to use keyword research tools or don’t have the time to research and integrate local keywords into your marketing strategy, Angel SEO can help.

Keep in mind…

SEO never stops evolving. Therefore, it is crucial to stay at the top of your local SEO game. When you apply these tips, your business will surely benefit from profitable local searches, and at the same time offer a strong basis for the usage of upcoming SEO based features. Angel SEO Services provides Local SEO Houston based services.

If you are someone who wants to profit from the digital landscape of today’s web, we can give you the best guidance that makes every dollar count.

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