Rank Better in 2021 by Keeping Tabs on These Google Ranking Factors

Play by Google’s Rules…

With online platforms paving the way for most businesses to effortlessly make an entry into any domain, the same can’t be said about building a presence on these said platforms. Since the search engines keep evolving, it gets increasingly difficult to scale your business. Suppose you don’t update your online presence according to the algorithm updates. In that case, it won’t take more than a week for your website to get pushed back from the top page of the search results — This is why experts always say that SEO is a long-term process, and you will have to keep working on it to stay relevant.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about some of the Google ranking factors that you will need to consider while budding an SEO strategy for 2021.

The importance of core web vitals

You should know that core web vitals were a part of Page Experience Update and they were the reason behind the confusion on the online platform. If you start learning about core web vitals, then you will stumble upon many aspects, but there are basically three aspects of core web vitals that affect your website; FID, CLS, and LCP.

There are surely many SEO professionals who think that Page Experience Update isn’t very important, and it can mislead one from the motive of communication and storytelling. But there are many ways core web vitals can affect SEO, and this is why you cannot ignore it while building an SEO strategy for 2021. Even some good Houston, TX SEO services can aid you in understanding the importance of core web vitals.

The need for AMP for SEO

When it comes down to the relevancy of AMP in the current scenario, most people have different opinions about it. It has indeed proved to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to boost the speed of your website, but privacy has always been an issue since the influx of AMP in the market.

However, things might change in 2021. Google announced in 2020 that there will no longer be a need for building AMP pages for occupying the Top Stories SERP features. This will be a huge change for people who are currently trying to include as many SERP features as they can.

E-A-T and SEO

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. All these are positive words and every professional should consider it in their career. But what effect will it have on your search engine optimization strategy?

If you ask Houston SEO experts or even follow the Google Quality Rater Guideline, you will understand that E-A-T is being considered a very important factor and is currently the talk of the town. E-A-T might not be a direct ranking factor, but you should also know that all the YMYL websites can never rank better without having proper authenticity and expertise. But since expertise, authority, and trust are not easily interpreted by Google algorithm – You will need to guidance from Houston SEO experts.

The SEO strategy that worked like a magic wand for you in 2020 might become irrelevant in 2021 because of the changes made by Google in its ranking factors. And with already so much on the plate, you will never have enough time to keep tabs on these changes. This is where an experienced SEO company like Angle SEO services can act as your lifeline.

Our SEO professionals are well versed in aligning a customized SEO strategy according to the latest ranking factors. Get access to our skills now.

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