Revealing 3 Most Common Local SEO Myths

Myths are associated with just about anything in this world. When we talk about business, competitors and consumers tend to revolve around a newly introduced product where their doubts take the form of myths or misconceptions over a period of time. Just like the myths associated with the search engine’s algorithm about Local SEO. Personally, I like to dig a little deeper until I get a logical explanation instead of just believing the first thing I read or hear. In this post, we’re going to reveal 3 most common Local SEO myths surrounding SEO enthusiasts and businesses.

Myth 1: Google Plus is a traffic booster

Google Plus My Business page is definitely an add-on to your business promotion. It can actually help your users find out more about your services and updates. However, just because it is being run by Google, doesn’t mean that it adds any priority to the local service searches. Your user would most probably find you on it when they type a search in for your services or business name. Regular posting on Google Plus can mostly help you out once you have accumulated a large audience and user base that follows you specifically for your updates.

Myth 2: Deleting a listing from Google My Business permanently removes it

Duplicate listing can become the concern for low rankings when not taken care of in the right manner. Removing your Google listing from Google My Business does not remove it from other places like Google Maps and the search engine results. As per Google, even when you delete a local page, the data contained in it still shows on the search engines archives, Maps and other Google product platforms.

Myth 3: Setting a large virtual radius expands your reach

While your services are spread locally and are running successfully, there may be a boundary beyond where your communication with the consumers and users is not practical. Setting up a large radius around your location in order to gain the search engine benefits doesn’t really work. In all such cases, the search engine would show your services to the users within your locality and probably not outside it.

Please note that the search engine optimization for local queries does not work the same way as it works for global ones. It is essential to understand that search engines are focused primarily for good user experience and thus a logical approach to sorting out these queries is justified.

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