Transformative SEO Trends: 2019

Going Beyond Google Search…

If you are reading this blog, then you probably don’t need any introduction to SEO, an essential driving force of every businesses online presence. A digital marketer’s world revolves around SEO.

Still, to the uninitiated, SEO is a series of techniques website owners have to implement to enhance their website ranking in the search results. You can get a profound understanding for SEO through reading our SEO blogs.

Although SEO is a complex beast, it is necessary for any online website looking to gain traction online, and business owners must keep shifting with the evolving market to stay ahead. Every year comes new strategies to better enhance the visibility of a site on the search engines. Reason being, is the continually changing algorithms of the search engines, which naturally makes last years’ search engine optimization strategies redundant. This is why businesses prefer hiring a Internet marketing agency that will keep tabs and accordingly strategize their SEO tactics to help your website achieve a higher rank in the SERPs.

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Now let’s talk about the latest trends!

We’ve compiled a short list of the latest search engine optimization trends for 2019 that are currently being implemented by digital marketers this year to better rank websites:


Its inception had a massive impact on how the customers were consuming information. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Translate, etc.—all are now mainstream applications that first strike the minds of people when discussing voice search. But in 2019, with the advancement in voice recognition technology, utilizing voice search for SEO strategy has significantly evolved. Voice search for SEO has become more conversational, making it easier for the customers to search, and frees the site owners from the burden of having to force-feed key phrases into the content.


While earlier the focus in SEO was to optimize the site for performance, which still remains a factor, the growing popularity of mobile browsing and loading time remain one of the biggest concerns for site owners– simply put, SEO in 2019 requires optimizing the site for speed. Also, The latest Google speed updates states page speed as one of its ranking factors. Speed optimization can be done by implementing general site speed-up methodologies like checking caches, reviewing plugins, timely updating your site, utilizing the content delivery network, etc. Images play a crucial role in deciding the loading time of the website, hence make sure you have a smaller version of the pictures, and remove the metadata that automatically comes with GIF files as it is responsible for increasing the size of the image considerably.


You might have heard of this term back in 2018 when Google coined it. Keeping into consideration the escalating number of user consuming content via their smartphones, Google launched a mobile-first (note: not mobile only) for sites. This is done to address and resolve the issues of page loading time and the average user’s level of impatience. Although still, a nascent concept, mobile-first indexing, as for now, aims at enriching the user experience by enabling easy navigation.

Finally, Wrapping up the 2019 SEO Trends…

Owning and operating a business is a challenge in itself. Understanding and gaining expertise in SEO is also a time-consuming and challenging task. Why move your focus from achieving your own business objectives into learning and understanding the SEO complexities when you can have a team of industry experts efficiently handle it for you, per your requirements and budget?

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