What Is Search Intent, and Why Is It Important for SEO?

Search intent is the main motive of the user while typing any query in the search engine. For example, you want to cook up a chicken for dinner, but you want a quick recipe. So, you go ahead and type ‘quick chicken recipe’.

Now, you went to Google to find help. You get an article but later realize that it takes 1 hour for the specific recipe and then you move to another article and luckily, this recipe takes only 20 minutes and this means you have found what you have been looking for. 

If enough people searching for ‘quick chicken recipe’ feel the same way then that specific result will start moving up in the search engine ranking. Thus, we can see that search intent is a primary factor in website ranking and it can never be ignored. To be precise, the intent is the feeling that users have while searching anything in Google combining Why, How, and What do you exactly need.

Let’s learn more about search intent- 

4 types of Search Intent

  • Informational intent 

One of the most basic intents behind searches made on the internet is to gather relevant information. Everyone with a search intent wants to find out more about a topic or have a specific question. To better use information intent, you should consult the Houston SEO company.

  • Navigational intent 

People with navigational intent want to visit a specific page of a website. For example, people searching for Twitter are on their way to the Twitter website. So, you should ensure that people using your company name in the search box land on your website. 

  • Transactional intent 

People with this type of intent are searching with the main purpose of buying something. This means that people with transactional intent know what they are looking for and they just want to go directly to the product page of the website instead of gathering information about the product. 

  • Conversational investigation 

People with this type of search intent are still in the research process as they have plans of buying something in the future. These people obviously have transactional intent but they need to be convinced. 

How to optimize your content for search intent?

It is necessary to ensure the landing page fits the search intent of your audience otherwise, you will become invisible on the internet. If a customer/prospect is looking for specific information then you should never show them the Contact Us page or the product page. At least, not immediately. 

Similarly, if someone is looking for your product and lands on the blog page then you might lose that visitor as well. This is why you should optimize your content for search intent with the help of a reputed SEO company Houston

To begin with, optimize the product page with keywords that are driven commercially. For example, if you are selling men’s shoes then you can optimize the product page for keywords like ‘men’s shoes online’

Now, if you have a blog related to the best running shoes for your dad then you can optimize that blog for keywords like ‘men’s running shoes’ This way, you can make people visit the page they want to visit. But if you are finding it difficult to find the search intent of your audience then it is always a better idea to consult an SEO company in Houston

How can Angel SEO help?

Angel SEO is a premium SEO company in Houston that uses the latest SEO techniques and relies on the most experienced SEO professionals to offer better results. Search intent is the core of our SEO strategy and we make sure to come up with a keyword strategy that aligns with the search intent of the audience. 

This is how we can deliver better results for our clients. So, if you want to make sure that your website has been optimized as per the search intent of your audience then talk to our experts today!

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