What is the Deep Web?

What is the Deep Web?

As pervasive as the internet is today, it’s hard to really appreciate what has been achieved in 20 short years. There are thought to be over a trillion pages that exist throughout the internet. When surfing the Web you know and love so well, you’re merely just floating at the surface of it all. When you dive below, beyond the web that’s accessible to you, there are tens of trillions of pages that most of us have never even seen—an area referred to as the Deep Web—which accounts for about 96 percent of the internet.

By its very nature, the size of the Deep Web is hard to calculate or determine. The Web you know (Google, Facebook, Wikipedia) makes up less than 1% of the entire World Wide Web. No one actually knows all that lies below the surface, but everything from criminal activities, to government, institutional and business intranets and databases are just some of the things that make up a portion of what exists in the Deep Web.

If you were to surf all of the existing web space and spend only one second on each page, you would need 32,000 years alone. Check out this infographic that gives you a general idea on what all resides in the Deep Web.

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