Why Featured Snippets Become more Prominent to Improve SEO?

Google launched its very useful featured snippets more than eight years ago. However, even after eight years of its launch, it is still the most noticeable search feature for businesses and audiences alike. With almost 19% of SERPs having featured snippets and 50% of the mobile screens being covered with featured snippets, no one can question its effectiveness. 

Google keeps working on its algorithm updates to make its search engine more user-friendly. They do that to enhance search results’ quality, relevance, and user experience. They aim to provide information that is relevant to the user. Well, the featured snippet is a result of such efforts from Google. Still, apart from making the life of the users easier, the featured snippet has opened new doors for businesses.

Websites are now trying to optimize their content to get featured in the snippets, as snippets get almost one-third of the total click share. How do featured snippets attract more clicks? When people search for information and find the exact information in a box shape, they are more likely to click on the box rather than search for different articles. They want to access information as quickly as possible.

That might be the reason why featured snippets are so popular and are here to stay forever! So, let’s understand the role of featured snippets in improving SEO so that you can use them in a much better way.

Why does it matter for SEO?

First listings people see on search result pages.

Why do people stick to the first page of the search result in Google? Many people will never scroll past the first page; why? They want quick and relevant results. The same phenomenon works for snippets!

People don’t want to spend time searching for information. To save time and effort, they stick to the top snippets that appear in front of them. Experts at Google do their best to make this process easy, quick, and effortless.

It doesn’t matter how good your content is or whether you are running a PPC ad. If a website appears in the snippets, it will always be on the top of the search result.

If a company based out of Houston gets to rank high on featured snippets, they’ll drive more engagement, clicks, and leads. Thus, being on the top of the search results is a win from a local SEO Houston perspective! Many companies try to get their content in the featured snippet. Many businesses are curating content that people are mostly searching for.

Help you drive more traffic.

One of the most obvious benefits of featured snippets is increasing website traffic. All the brands that appear in the featured snippet are more likely to witness a spike in website traffic.

By analyzing which page is receiving higher visits and queries, you can easily pinpoint which page has got the snippet and which query brings new users to your website.

Getting your entire website to appear at the top of the SERP through an aggressive keyword strategy might be difficult, but a featured snippet can bring a few web pages right to the top.

How does that benefit an ordinary business? Even an ordinary business based out of Houston can save resources without investing in “Houston TX SEO” services for two to three years and rank at the top of the search result with featured snippets. That is why featured snippets should become inherent to your SEO strategy.

Even better on mobile

One of the biggest challenges while optimizing web pages for mobile devices is the less screen space. Because of this, the answer box in the form of featured snippets on mobile screens can become the most valuable asset for any company.

If you can appear in the featured snippet, then the information can show up without the user even scrolling the screen. That means the user will click on your page without going through other listings.

How will we help you rank in the #1 position on SERPs?

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We are a customer-centric company, therefore, we prioritize the need of our clients. We even use a tailor-made approach since we know the industry from in and out. So, let our seo company in Houston experts take care of your ranking and witness your website moving up in the search results in minimal possible time.

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