Why fulfill the Google E-A-T principle to rank higher?

The nitty-gritty of modern search optimization on Google is complex; it is largely based on a few critical concepts. E-A-T is one of Google’s Search Quality concepts, popular among marketers. This concept allows Google to determine whether the web pages provide credible sources of information or not. Usually, a web page contains graphics, texts, hyperlinks, files, etc., that help the page help illustrate important topics. Google uses the E-A-T principle to evaluate the quality of those pages. Let’s understand this fundamental concept in detail and evaluate its role in search engine optimization in Houston. 

Is E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) an important ranking factor?

Yes, we can say that E-A-T is a kind of ranking factor, especially when you follow the guidelines given by Danny Sullivan, Google Public Liaison of Search. But for something to be considered a ranking factor or affect search engine optimization, it needs to be tangible so that the computer can evaluate it. 

Since expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness are all human concepts, you can never determine whether a page has a higher E-A-T or not. However, Google uses a special process to understand tangible signals. This evaluation is based on a language based on bytes that align with E-A-T.  

How is E-A-T essential for your SEO strategy?

Google knows that people can make life-altering decisions based on what they read online. Hence, a bad source of information can create severe complications for Google. 

You should trade carefully if your web page falls in any YMYL categories. It would help if you made it clear that it has been authored by those who have proper standing. And the more you will be able to comply with the E-A-T standards, the more your chances for increased organic search visibility and Houston search engine optimization. 

How to Improve E-A-T?

Get more backlinks from trusted sources.

Although there is nothing mentioned about links in the guideline of Google’s Search Quality Rater, according to the sources and experts, E-A-T is heavily based on mentions and links from sites with high DA-PA. 

But since Google knows how to discern a low-quality link from a bad quality link, you should always prioritize using high-quality links for your website. Using high-quality links can improve your search engine optimization strategy through E-A-T!

Keep your content up to date and accurate.

Suppose you are dealing with YMYL topics like financial or medical advice. In that case, it becomes crucial for you to keep your content updated as people may make major decisions related to their lives based on what they read online. 

A page can never be considered trustworthy if it regularly misuses the readers. Therefore, keeping the content updated and accurate is almost necessary for improving E-A-T. And if you can’t do it yourself, you should hire the best SEO company in Houston

Earn online reviews

Google always tells the Quality Raters to use the online reviews to analyze the reputation and information related to a specific business. The reviews are directly related to trust and authority. 

But don’t just try to increase the number of reviews. Rather, you should focus on increasing the number of positive reviews on only those websites that matter. The best SEO company in Houston can also help you in this case!

Hire an expert

The best way to improve your E-A-T is to hire an expert. If you are covering a YMYL topic, then using experts for writing your website almost becomes compulsory. 

But if you can’t hire an expert, you can always interview an expert or ask them to write a guest post for you, as this is another way of keeping the content accurate, updated, and authentic.

By working on E-A-T, you can always improve your ranking factor. Even though E-A-T computers might fail to evaluate this human concept, Google has found its way to using E-A-T as a ranking factor. If your business is planning on making the most of E–A-T, you must use the reliable and result-oriented SEO service offered by Angel SEO. Our experts have a working knowledge of the evolving industry and agency experience. Contact them today!

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