10 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is a Great Tool for Traffic

Increase traffic and conversions with SMM…

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about having your company’s presence on Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, every business industry is channelizing SMM to gather good consumer traffic to their business.

Did you know social media gives a higher result for converting leads into sales in comparison to other marketing channels? To get traffic for your business through social media marketing, you can get your local SEO services handled by professionals who are exceptionally experienced in the field.

So why is SMM the best tool for traffic? Let’s take a look…

1. Helps get targeted traffic

Creating a business page on a social media platform opens the gate for you to connect with the masses and talk about your business. You want to target the right people and teach them about your brand. For that purpose, well-placed videos, some form of text or even attractive visuals can create all the difference. Social media can trigger strong reactions that will help you generate traffic in the long run.

2. Increase PR of the website

Search engines give preference to pages in the SERP that get maximum traffic. So a good planned strategy for increasing engagement on social media may boost your chances of getting your website on top in the SERPs.

3. Best tool to connect with consumers

On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you can build relationships with your customer base. Read their tweets and find out which type of posts have the highest response rates. This way, you can observe their preferences, buying behavior and can modify your product or service accordingly.

4. Businesses get noticed at events

Whether you promote a charity, fundraiser or attend any conference, there is no better way to talk about it than on social media. So, talk all you want and spread the word!

5. Real time connection

Brands who respond to their customer’s issues quickly get the most traffic. It’s important to listen to your customer’s complaints. When doing it in real time, Twitter is the most effective social platform.

6. Strong social media presence creates loyalty for brands

When you interact daily with your customers on social media they start believing in your brand as they connect with you.

7. Helps you remain ahead of competitors

As you may know, 90% of companies use social media for promotion. Therefore, not using social media means you are standing far behind your competition as well as losing a lot of potential traffic.

8. Social media is king if you want to break news

Writing something extraordinary about your brand on Twitter at the right time can help you earn major media attention plus traffic.

9. Social platforms increase sales

Through social platforms, you can share coupon codes for discounts on your products or services. You can also run different types of contests for potential buyers to generate traffic and sales.

10. Tap into new territory

Social platforms are used by millions of people. Therefore, you can connect with people to whom you never thought to promote your product before and expand your market reach.


If you are willing to attract a lot of potential traffic to your business, then our Houston SEO experts can help you connect your business with millions of people. With the growth of the internet and its users, social media has become an integral part of online business.

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