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In today’s world technological advances are thriving, with wireless driving aspects of our lives, the mobile solutions industry has only started to realize its course of evolution. Businesses still have a lot to discover on the full potential of using Mobile Technology. From the merging industries of wireless, advertising, and entertainment, people have grown accustomed to expecting more and more from their mobile devices.

Angel SEO Services offers affordable mobile app development in Houston and surrounding areas. Our mobile team builds creative and innovative applications for companies that want to take on a proactive approach in their services, and generate higher revenues. The consultation process involves getting down to the nitty-gritty so that we can determine what the best mobile app features and solutions will be for your company.

We deliver affordable, cost-effective mobile applications that give your business mobile visibility by tapping into the app search engines, and offer you and your business a prolific source to connecting with consumers on a more personal level. Our Mobile Application Developers in Houston remain inspired by the perpetual growth of mobile and wireless and are steadfast to impact the industry.

Angel SEO Services is equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to create mobile applications on multiple platforms like HTML5, Google Android, Apple iPhone, Tablet, and more.


  • Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than mail or newspaper distributed coupons.
  • 50% of people made a special trip to a store to redeem a mobile coupon.
  • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile.
  • Mobile creates a more personal experience for the user.
  • Over 75% of marketers plan to include mobile in their budgets, don’t be part of the 25% left in the dust. Join us in the mobile revolution.
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches result in a purchase or in-store visit


We create your entire app from scratch ensuring that it’s easy to use, trendy, and engaging for your customers. All features of the application will be defined prior to starting the project. We design everything from the icon set to the layout of the user interface. Our objective is to make sure we can enhance the experience of the end user. Mobile app development in Houston is booming, so get on board!

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Angel SEO services Houston specializes in mobile app development Houston. When you choose us, you are choosing partners who value you and cater to your uniqueness. We understand that mobile app development Houston can be a tricky business because there are so many options for you. However, you need to pick someone who would keep you at the center of the process and work to implement your vision. After all, your growth is our success.

Yes, we can build apps for both iOS and Android. It is important to keep up with what’s trending and what’s new, which is why we constantly upgrade our skillset to change with the changing times. iOS and Android mobile systems cover almost the entirety of the smartphone market and thus it is crucial that we provide coverage and support for apps on both these platforms.

Yes, we do. Web applications are one of the most important tools and methods to provide services to users. The proliferation of web applications is a reason that users log on to the internet instead of downloading applications and software. If you are someone who provides a simple free service through a web application to users, it is a great way to get more traffic and leads for your business. We can help you with web applications and provide you novel solutions for all your business and web application development needs.

For all our services, including mobile app development Houston, we believe in collaboration. This approach helps us stay connected with our clients and ensures that you are a part of the process all throughout. During the app development process we would aim to create a shared execution plan implementing your vision. You would always be in the driver’s seat and we would be there to help you at all stages of the process. You can freely approach us and talk to us about your queries, concerns, reservations, etc.

If you are looking to get an app build and launched as quickly as possible, then that could take around 3 months. However, the number is purely indicative. The actual time for creating and launching an app can take up to an year as there are a lot of variables involved in the process. Some of them are, the platform for the app (Android or iOS), the complexity of the app, target audience, app size, and so on. Mobile app development in Houston with Angel SEO services is your best bet to get a quality app made because we actually prefer that over the time taken. A better quality app requires a lot of research and planning, and that is what our experts do to give you the best.

Sure you can. It would be a little tough if you want to make the changes by yourself though. We highly recommend that you let our experts take care of it, and include the maintenance in the package of services itself. That, in the long run, is more beneficial. We all know how important it is to be dynamic and have adaptable business practices. Your app and/or website is what reaches the people and thus should keep up with the change. If you do not do this the search engines would not view your website favourably. Additionally, without updates, your app would get old and redundant to users. Embody the old saying that change is the only constant.

We use several open source languages wherever required – CSS, HTML, Javascript (front end) and PHP (backend). Our web development experts make use of React Native for the majority of mobile app projects, but might often use Cordova or PhoneGap to support web, Android and iOS quickly.

We at Angel SEO services love to connect with our customers and answer their queries. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to drop us an email, or connect with us on one of our social media handles. And don’t worry, there are no silly questions and we are happy to answer them all.

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