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A website audit report is a professional and technical health check of your website that uncovers all of the SEO issues that hurt your site’s rankings in the search results. Our team runs full comprehensive website analysis and SEO audits show us everything that’s wrong with the site prior to optimizing a website for the search engines. Our website audit reports will reveal any website and architectural design issues; page or post link errors; incorrect page titles, meta tags, and meta descriptions; the quality of backlinks referring visitors to your page; URL architecting; whether duplicate content exists within the pages of your site or around the web; in-depth target keyword analysis, and more.


Once a business is prepared to make a serious investment in online marketing – when a monthly budget has been set and you find the marketing agency that fits with your company – whether you’d like to begin employing proven strategies for search engine optimization or require a skilled campaign manager for paid search advertising, a good and reputable SEO or PPC expert will naturally run a full analysis of your website. Before anyone can lay the building blocks for an effective marketing campaign, a website needs to be evaluated for onsite errors that can be instantly fixed so that you start your campaign on a solid foundation. Running a successful online marketing campaign for SEO or PPC takes technical skill and should be well organized ahead of time. As with anything of great importance, due diligence with consistency in monitoring data and analytics are just some of the underlying factors for producing the best long-term results.


Now that you know how a website audit report can open up opportunities to discover issues within a website, then you’re likely to also realize how critical it is to fix any errors found on your site since they could potentially wind up harming your current or future campaigning efforts. The issues detected in a site audit can range from the simplest to the most complex but would remain overlooked by the untrained eye or even possibly ignored. Some of the issues our website auditing team will outline in the report is as follows:

Website audit reports are performed to identify issues with the website that would negatively impact your ability to rank your website higher in the search engines. However, it is of extreme importance that we take into consideration WHAT you are trying to rank for when someone types in a search phrase into the search engine. Do you plan on showing up if someone is going to “Google” the search phrase “Rolex Watches”?

Before running a website audit report we need to identify what your target search phrases are. What do you want to show up for when someone types in that particular phrase into the search engines. Ideally, a website audit report is to prepare your website for an SEO, PPC or SEM marketing campaign, and therefore we preferably have a “finalized” list of search phrases that you want to rank for. When we have this list we will further analyze the relationship of those search phrases to your website content, and also dig deeper into the competition level of those keywords. If there are any issues with the search phrases you want to target we will let you know. This is a vital part of the website audit report because choosing the right search phrases to target is a large part of creating a successful marketing campaign.

In relation to the search phrases you want to target, does your website have a significant amount of content talking about the subject matter of the search phrases you want to target? If someone landed on your homepage would they immediately be able to identify that your website is relevant to all the search phrases you want to target? Is all the primary written content on your website unique and not duplicate content from another website? Do you have a lot of non-relevant pages about other products, services, or industries other than the search phrases you want to target on your website? When it comes to analyzing your website’s content vs. the search phrases you want to target, there is a lot to take into consideration and we will report to you any issues we find in regards to this on the website audit report.

Ever wonder how Google knows about your website? Google has little robots they deploy to go visit your website and they “crawl” your website. Their robots act like a human clicking through to different pages on your website. After their robot is finished crawling your website they “index” certain pages of your website in their database. Only pages indexed in Google will show up when a user does a Google search. Why is this important? Well, if you have a 10O page website and only 5 of your pages are indexed in the Google database, you have a serious problem. What causes pages not to index in Google? The answer could be poor content, duplicate content, broken links on your page, and any other issues preventing the Google robot from crawling particular pages. Our website audit report will analyze and report on such issues.

Do you know if you have broken links on your website? Many times pages or the location of pages within your website are changed, and all of the other pages with links to the “changed” page are not updated, and thus all of the other pages linking to the changed page now have broken links. When judging a website’s ease of usability, we always look at the number of links as a good indicator. When users click on a link on your website and are directed to an error page, this can cause the user to leave your website out of frustration and not return. As part of our site audit report we will analyze your broken links and report to you on any issues we find.

If you know much about SEO, then you know that the number and quality of websites linking to your website has an impact on your rankings within the search engines. As part of our site audit report, we will analyze your current back links and let you know if we find any issues other than a lack of back links.

Most people do not think about the page or URL structure of their website when they build it. When the search engine robots visit your website they are wanting to see a recognizable structure to your website. If you can image trying to analyze how all the pages on your website are linked together, it would look like a giant spider web, and the question is… does the spider web make any sense? By the page and content structure on your website, is it easy to identify what your website is about? Our website audit report will analyze the structure of your website and report on any issues found.

Websites are built based on a certain language, such as HTML, PHP, ASP, etc. Furthermore, websites are often times built on top of entire “systems” that are made up of a particular language. Certain languages, on particular systems could make or break an SEO campaign, therefore it is very important for us to analyze this aspect of your website. In short, if your website does not allow us to make the necessary changes we want to make because of how it is built, then we will have issues. The navigation and “calls to action” are also important to analyze. Is your navigation user-friendly? Is it easy to find the content you are looking for within your website? Does your website clearly display links to your contact forms, phone number, and other important ways in which the user on your website can interact with you or purchase your services/products? All of these will be analyzed and reported on within the site audit report if we find any issues.


Our Website Audit Report allows us to build an effective SEO strategy for your site and helps us improve your online marketing campaign and brand. Site audits cover the most important search engine ranking factors, which include:

Website design, structure, crawl-ability, indexing, on-page elements such as page titles, meta description, keyword grouping, as well as content, and off-page elements such as backlinks. Running a Website Audit Report ensures we never walk blindly into an SEO marketing campaign and lets us know what requires to be worked on the most. Every internet marketing professional will need to do their research before jumping into an SEO campaign.

Our Website Audit Report lets us improve the experience of your audience when they browse through your pages since it also provides an in-depth assessment of your site architecture, your navigation, content, calls-to-action and more.


In addition to being better prepared before running an SEO campaign, getting a website audit protects your site from Google’s algorithm changes. Google is continuously tweaking their algorithms to better their search engine and provide users with relevant search results that contain informative content.

Three major algorithms released by Google were dubbed the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update. To date, there have been 25 Panda updates since 2011 and 4 Penguin updates since 2012 which have affected 41.4% of all search queries. Panda updates are generally targeted at sites with low-quality content and Penguin updates are targeting web spam.

Many website owners, webmasters and SEO service providers who are using low quality and web spam techniques, are constantly slapped, and see their rankings and traffic go down after these updates. Our website audit is modeled to take these search engine updates into consideration, which is why our reports are so extensive. You can always take the short route and skip having your site’s health checked, and just dive straight into an SEO campaign, but you’ll only be wasting your money in the long run.


We provide a complete service and leave nothing out, ensuring that you get the maximum ROI (Return On Investment). Your astute competitors are having their websites audited regularly. Their web pages are found on the 1st page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. Those who are not having their websites audited are lost deep in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) – constantly being pushed down by their competitors.

It is time to level the playing field by getting your own Website Audit Report done today, and implement our recommendations in order to align with the guidelines set by major search engines’. This will ensure a successful online marketing campaign for your business, and brings you head-to-head with your competition in the search results giving you the legs to potentially beat them.


Google first released the Panda algorithm on February 23, 2011 and has made many updates since then.

Penguin, on the other hand was first released on April 24, 2012. The guys at Google have been rolling out both Panda and Penguin updates one after the other. These are released regularly with new tweaks and stronger focus on certain elements.

On top of this, Google introduces many different algorithm changes and updates regularly.

The number of algorithm changes made by Google annually can range from 500 to 600 per year.

For the curious cats, see a full list of Google’s algorithm updates by clicking on timeline.


Choosing us puts you ahead of the curve. Rather than doing a Website Audit on your own, and without the required extensive training, you can rely on professionals with the proper methodologies and diagnostics expertise developed through our years of experience.

The success of your online marketing and SEO campaign depend on how closely you follow our recommendations. Let’s talk about the value we can add to your business. Call us today at 832-382-2024.


We perform manual and software-driven keyword and keyword structuring research, ranking and competitor analysis. We identify priority issues and recommend the fixes. We offer businesses real online solutions.

We thoroughly scan for any possible issues on your website platform and hosting, perform malware checks, analyze your website design, and check for browser compatibility, site loading speed, navigation and content crawl-ability.

We check for search engine tools such as Google Analytics, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools. We also check for site-maps and URL structure, internal linking and mapping.

We look for broken links and 404 error pages. We also check your Robots.txt file, Robots Meta Tags and indexed pages.

We check for duplicate, missing, and long page titles and meta description as they affect SEO.

We check for external links that are pointing to your pages and see if there are issues.

We analyze your content, check for quality and duplication. We also check for keyword grouping, do URL mapping and check for issues on your target URLs and URL architecting. We then provide content instructions to optimize your content.

Lastly, we provide you a report summary and provide recommendations line by line with priority tags and pricing to set your expectations. This entire process is repeated throughout our campaigns.


If you have never had a Website Audit done or haven’t had one in a while, than the best time is now. This is to help you recover or protect your website from huge traffic and revenue losses due to algorithm updates like the Panda and Penguin and simply gets you on the right track to starting a successful SEO campaign.

We are driven by what we love. Our Angel experts are here to help your business succeed online. We create detailed audit reports that provide you with everything you need to know on your website’s current digital presence. Whether you choose to go with us or not, the report will start you off on the right track. Remember, success happens when your dreams are bigger than your excuses.

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That depends. Do you want your website to get better with more visibility and client leads? If so, then yes your website does need an SEO audit. Think of it like it, what a regular doctor’s check-up is for us, the SEO audit is for the website. It tells you insights about the website’s health, performance on key indicators, where it lags behind, etc. Without an SEO audit, it is impossible to discern an online marketing strategy or go ahead with SEO. If there are some minor fixes that can improve the performance of your website, then those changes will always come first in the process. It is only after that, that modifications and additions to the website can be made.

Angel SEO’s website audit service is a great tool to analyze your website’s performance and find out its strengths and weaknesses. As SEO Audit Service is typically the first step in the SEO process it gives a clear picture of the scope of work. The SEO Audit service typically includes methods to find out issues that are holding your website back, finding small gaps and cracks that can be easily fixed, analyzing the past data about the website traffic and other statistics, backlink analysis, content audit, and so on, The service is geared towards gaining a better understanding of the website, and having enough insights to chalk out a roadmap for further growth through online marketing.

SEO audits are drawn out and time-consuming processes when performed manually. It provides for greater insights than automated processes and is a more in-depth analysis of the website. SEO audits are typically broken down into smaller parts of the entire process. One of the very first processes is identifying the smaller and easy to fix issues, like, low word count, broken links, issues with interlinkages, etc. After this, on-page and off-page SEO checks are conducted to make sure that your website is optimized. Thorough backlink analysis reveals how other websites trust you and is a part of the reputation your website has on the search engine. In addition to these are numerous other processes that we at Angel SEO services undertake to make your website perform better.

Well, this depends on a lot of factors. Some online automated tools might give you a false idea with this as well. For example, a simple Google search will reveal a host of websites claiming to perform an SEO audit of your website in a matter of hours. However, keep in mind that these are automated results. They do not take into account the specifics of your website and business and have a mechanical way of working. Manually performed SEO audits can take days, and even weeks sometimes. However, they are extremely thorough when compared to others, and provide more customized insights.

Of course, we will. The insights that we gain from the SEO Audit Report are a waste if we do not implement them. Angel SEO would implement all the actionable recommendations that are revealed in your audit report. The very purpose of the audit is to bring to notice the areas where improvements can be made. Our experts would go through the report with you and collaborate with you to fix the red flags. This is done so that your website is optimized for performing on certain keywords. Moreover, it will establish a solid foundation on which to build the SEO on

That’s great. We welcome all questions and queries. Because of the way we work it is essential that at all times we are on the same page. If you have any questions about the SEO Audit Report, our experts are here to answer them, assist you, and help guide you through the entire report. We understand that not everyone can have the background that our experts do in the field, and thus, somethings would seem alien. We, in fact, encourage you to ask as many questions as possible. This way, you can share our belief in the importance of the SEO Audit.

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