4 Myths of SEO Services Debunked

Uncovering the Myths & Facts About SEO

The field of search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving and can be difficult to understand for a layman. For this reason, there are many misconceptions formed around the field and functioning of SEO. The myths related to SEO can affect the online force of your company’s marketing profile.

This blog aims to debunk the myths and state the facts related to both SEO functioning and optimization.

Myth 1: SEO Is a Scam

FACT: Many times you will hear people narrate stories about having invested top dollars in SEO services without getting any benefits. Every business can have a downfall but this should not keep you away from optimizing its services. Studies from IPSOS have shown that more than 40% of customers rely on search engines for their purchases. The booming e-commerce industries have increased the level of competition and thus making optimization become even more important.

Myth 2: SEO Is a One-Time Event

FACT: People generally feel that after paying once for an SEO service, their task is done and they are sure to see the results in no time. While the reality is that SEO is a very long and complex process. The results of an SEO service can be visible only after going through a constant practice. The changes in online markets, updates in the search engines and ever increasing competition makes it mandatory for companies to adhere to their SEO guidelines.

Myth 3: If I Have Perfect Content, I Do Not Need SEO

FACT: Certainly, content is king in the digital marketing industry but just like a king and his kinsmen it is in a similar way that SEO and content work together for digital marketing of a company. A content may be perfectly crafted and written very well, but if it cannot reach its desired audience, there is no use for it.

Also, it is important to have content that follows the requirements on online searches and the style should be pertaining to the industry. Using SEO services thus becomes important in order to ensure a good social standing.

Myth 4: Buying Digital Ads Will Work in Place of SEO

FACT: Although it may be a good idea to buy ad space and broadcast your message in the digital sphere, such advertisements cannot be used in replacement of SEO services. Optimizing the organic and natural searches is an important part in your business optimization. However, running a paid ad campaign simultaneously with an SEO campaign can offer greater value.

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