4 Tactics to Ace Search Engine Optimization in 2019

The ways of digital marketing keep changing with time and that’s the beauty of it. It gives every business, from a newbie startup to an established one, an equal chance to excel in their industry. Be it Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertisements, SEO or something else, you can start today and see visible results in no time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for awhile now. Search Engines change their ranking algorithms of websites as often as needed and SEO keeps simultaneously evolving with these changes. This is why it becomes so necessary to keep up with these changes. A lot is going to change as far as SEO is concerned in 2019 – the content type, user behavior, link building, and much more!

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4 Things to Watch out for in 2019

1. Website Design

Dwell Time: The time period for which a visitor stays on your website – right from when they clicked on the link to the time they hit the back button or exit the browser.

One of the most important things that decide your website’s ranking is its design – the loading speed, its average dwell time, theme, functionality and ease of access of the tags, UI, UX, and many more. With the increasing number of mobile users, make sure to use responsive website design. This means your website displays and functions smoothly on all types of devices. Google uses dwell time to decide your website’s quality and to rank it accordingly. Therefore, focus on your website’s design and make it aesthetically attractive, responsive, simple, and quick!

2. Content Type – Videos/Podcasts

The user behavior of consumption of information has changed considerably and, by now, it’s safe to say that the internet, as well as readers, are saturated with blogs, articles, and other types of content. Understanding your user’s intent is very important in digital marketing and today’s consumers favor video content and podcasts over everything. Are you using videos and podcasts to promote your services/products?

Around 4 million blogs are published on the internet every day and it only makes sense that a consumer prefers a 2-3 minute video over going through a lengthy “8 min read” article. In 2019, learn about video and podcast marketing and use it for promoting your services/products.

3. Target Other Search Engines

Google, without a shred of doubt, is the leader in the global search market. You can’t ignore its existence in search engine optimization. Most businesses primarily focus on Google alone for SEO for their website(s), and this is where you can make the difference. In 2019, aside from Google, try to pivot some of your attention on the less-popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and others.

4. Consider Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is growing and its usage is increasing rapidly! It is predicted that by 2020 almost 50% of the searches will be done through voice — therefore preparation is key. Try to be more conversational and make your content as precise as possible on your website. Use more keyword phrases instead of single keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is continuously evolving and it can only benefit your business if you keep up with the SEO evolution. Trust experienced and reputable experts in the field for your websites’ optimization. Angel SEO Services, LLC has years of experience in local and global SEO. Looking for Search Engine Optimization in Houston, TX? Call us at (832) 382-2024 to learn more about our SEO services. Fill in this form to get a free website technical analysis from our experts.

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