A Checklist to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration when we say your website is your most critical marketing asset. In this time and era, where everybody is online, not having a website for your business would be similar to having a physical location. And if this is the case, then you’re unaware of all the missed opportunities that can help drive your business ahead.

Regardless of your company’s net worth, whether you’re a small or large scale business, it is essential that you have an online presence.


Okay, tell us what attracts customers to a particular brand?

The answer to this is the information they put out. A website is necessary to let the world know that your business exists and the products and/or services you provide.

Just like having a website is necessary, updating the design is just as important. No one wants to see an outdated website with obsolete features that make navigation a strenuous task. This might come as a surprise for you, but evolution in site designing happens almost every three months. Going by this data, your site might be missing out on several features and losing customers only because it does not offer the same functionality as other contemporary websites.

  • ► Despite all your efforts, your conversions are not escalating?
  • ► Noticing a significant decrease in your number of sales and leads?
  • ► The features on your website are no longer functioning properly?
  • ► Are you unable to update the content?
  • ► Have you updated the third party tools on your website?

All of these are a clear indication that your business is in dire need of a website redesign. But before you start redesigning, it is important to stay cognizant of what that exactly entails? Remember website designing is not just about the visual appeal but functionality as well. Your site is a vital brand advertiser, lead generator, and hence, some work will have to be done prior to initiating a redesign. Everything from auditing your current website design, to gathering and analyzing your competitors, creating guidelines for your brand, understanding the user journey, and updating your content should be included in the process.

Today, we’re going to share with you some crucial aspects for you to check off your list for an effective website redesign. It’s also recommended that instead of designing a website with little to no knowledge and expertise, you should hand the reigns over to a professional web design agency. Our team holds extensive experience in creating websites that are sure to enhance your business lead generation, online sales, and brand awareness.

Meanwhile, take a look at the checklist we’ve put together for an effective website redesign:Checklist-For-website

1. Assess Your Current Website:

How else are you supposed to know what your website is lacking? Examine your existing site thoroughly, or if you feel your opinion might be bias, let your friends or coworkers tell you what they like and dislike about your website. This feedback will help you establish what technicalities you’ll need to work on and which strategies to implement.

2. Document the Performance Metrics:

Furthermore, it would be beneficial to have a record of your current site’s performance metrics, so that you can set a realistic benchmark. Document metrics such as time on site, domain authority, bounce rate, sales generation, etc. After establishing your website performance, you should be able to answer the question, “Why am I redesigning the website?”, which could be: to increase conversions, strengthen brand awareness, etc.

3. Keep Tabs on Your Competition:

No, we don’t mean you have to stalk them, well sorta, but evaluating your competition will help you understand things that you can do better while redesigning. Analyzing your competition will help you establish what functionality your website should have and what you are better off without.

4. List Down the Functionalities :

Carefully list down all the features that you want in your newly designed website, making sure that they align with your business goals. The elements could be anything from a search panel, customer login, information/request forms, social network integration, responsive design. Additionally, you must also identify which call to action would be the most effective for your business such as a newsletter, free trails, product purchases, contact us, etc.

5. Your Budget:

In the end, it all comes down to how much you are ready to invest in redesigning your website. If you want a site that is packed with all the latest features, it’ll probably be a bit pricey, but the site will likely offer you a higher return on investment. There are three things that you should keep in your mind when thinking about the budget: your business goals, the life cycle of the website and potential revenue increase.

6. Level of Control After Redesigning:

It would be wise to establish how much control you want over the website once it is redesigned. For this, you will need an efficient content management system like WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest site and blog creation software that facilitates easy editing and publishing of content. Do thorough research and establish what level of freedom to modify what you want on the website.

Implementing the aforementioned website redesigning tips can significantly enhance the user’s perception of your website. Focusing on achieving your business goals, and hiring a Houston SEO Company to make sure that your business’s website has the appeals as well as the functionality it needs to meet your target audience would be your best move.

Our team of WordPress web design experts will make sure that your vision is adequately implemented with their expertise. We believe in transparency and ensure that every client feels inclusive and valued, which is why we delegate a single representative to each of our clients. They will guide you throughout the project, from consultation, planning, to implementation.

Angel SEO’s simplified yet effective designing process will improve your turnaround time. Unlike any other digital marketing agency, we provide a comprehensive solution for all your marketing needs from Social Media Marketing Services to Content Writing Services.

For inquiries about our digital marketing services, from website redesign and mobile development to social media marketing and search engine marketing, you can reach out to our expert representatives and they will make sure that all your questions, from price estimates to project implementation, are adequately answered.

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