How Mobile Search Is Going to Take the World by Storm

It’s predicted that by 2025, every human being on this planet will have the equivalent of 1.5 phones. With this rate of explosive growth, every man, woman and child is likely to come across Search, the tool that has changed the world as we see it.

This is the “mobile revolution” and it has the potential to take the world of Search Engine Optimization to newer heights.

But how does Mobile technology impact the Search industry? Can Mobile SEO make a credible difference in the way we do things – keywords, content creation and user targeting? This post will look into the current market trends and what Mobile technology has in store for SEO and us traditionalists.


Sure does sound like a mouthful but what does “Mobile First” imply?

Back when cellphone technology stepped in and surpassed the computer revolution, the idea was to tweak our websites and applications to mobile friendly User interfaces. Basically, it was the final bell to convert our websites and applications to transform to “Now” than stay rooted in the past.

Today, the marketers who refused to heed that call have been pushed far behind. Coupled with rising strides in Cellphone technology over the years, we have created and maintained websites and applications that suit Mobile resolution, which includes not just the design but content, keywords, user interface and a deeper eye to satisfy the user’s experience.

The right question would be, “How is our user’s experience in accessing our content in ALL his/her devices?”

Apps, Apps Everywhere!

According to a study by Flurry mobile, users tend to spend 90% of their time on Apps with the remaining 10% on browsers. A sizable portion of the usage is on the popular Social Media application – Facebook – 19%, Entertainment based applications – 16% and Gaming applications following third with 17%.

This poses a serious threat to traditional Marketing teams who have built up their SEO strategies on Mobile websites accessible generally on browsers alone.

Time to switch gears, don’t you think?


Mobile Has Gone Local

Users would rather type in “I want to go” and “I want to buy” sort of search stubs which provides a plethora of opportunities to marketers to tweak their SEO settings for local sites. However, there are certain pointers to be considered before you dive in:

  • Gain inbound links from local blogs and publications which can pique the user’s interest and further drive traffic
  • Maintain consistent names, addresses and phone listings across all websites.
  • Improve reviews and ratings (quality, diversity, etc.)
  • Go hyper local and use location specific keywords such as street names or restaurants in the search location
  • Get listed in local directories of the targeted segments

The Journey Happens Through Multiple Interfaces

The cellphone world might have overtaken desktop sales but by no way are the users substituting the traditional method of computation by completely abandoning the desktop interface.

Suppose a user spots a review on his Facebook application about a product which piques his interest. He might glance through a quick search in his Amazon application (both on his smart phone) and switch to the website on desktop to buy it.

This is what google terms as “multi screening”.

As marketers, we need to tweak our optimization processes to take leverage of these new innovative mediums and ensure that the consumer’s journey be consistent and seamlessly guided throughout the purchase and usage process regardless of which device they are using.

So how are you going to gear up your SEO strategy?

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