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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a type of online advertising where you only pay when somebody clicks on your ads. It is an Internet advertising model you can use to get instant targeted traffic to your website through Google Adwords, or the Yahoo! and Bing Networks.

People find products and services they are looking for in search engines by typing search terms or keywords. When the target keywords on your PPC campaign are typed by users on search engines, your ads appear on top. below, or alongside organic search results. The position of your ads against your competitors will depend on how much you are bidding for your target keywords and your ability score. Depending on the campaign settings, your ads may also appear on various sites that are part of the Google, Bing, and Yahoo! networks. There are many options to target your customers – some of the targeting options are by device, location, language, scheduling, and keyword matching. When they click on any of your ads, they are directed to a landing page on your website where you can convert them to leads or customers via an inquiry, contact form, or “buy now” buttons.

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    We Offer the Following PPC Services in Houston & Beyond:We Offer the Following PPC Services in Houston & Beyond:

    Google ads help reach more people online and attract potential customers. It will benefit by increasing visibility, driving website traffic, and ultimately boosting sales or leads.

    When planning ads online, don’t forget about Microsoft Ads, Yahoo, and AOL. They’re important search engines to consider for your advertising strategy.

    Remarketing is a great way to boost sales and keep your brand in the minds of potential and existing customers.

    Shopping Ads are a great choice for online sellers because they stand out in search results, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

    Even if your company operates across the country, using geographically targeted PPC ads and Houston local SEO service can still be beneficial.

    Social media enables you to focus on particular demographics and interest groups with social media marketing Houston services you can take its benefit to boost your business.


    PPC advertising is the fastest way to drive instant traffic to your website. PPC advertising is especially useful for direct response campaigns where instant and direct action is desired from target customers. This scenario also allows for cost-per-click to be measured immediately against conversions or sales to determine ROI.
    PPC is also effective in kick-starting and regulating traffic volumes, particularly during times when businesses are launching a new product or service, need to fill an empty sales pipeline, during limited sales season, or when carrying time-sensitive promotions.
    PPC can be utilized to surge traffic or to acquire huge customers while demand is high. Unlike SEO, which can take time to build rankings, PPC immediately establishes an online presence, requires no real build-up time, and generates ROI much more quickly when done right.
    When systematic split testing and optimization are done on a PPC campaign, the cost per click goes down and traffic translates to conversions at a higher rate with angel SEO Service’s Houston SEO company, you can get all the profit of PPC.

    Interested in PPC Services but not sure where to start?Our Houston team is ready to talk about your PPC strategy needs and business goals. Let's figure out the best plan of action for you!
    When you're prepared to begin, you'll meet your customer relationship team or account manager from our Houston office first. Following an initial meeting and a SEM audit, we'll lay the groundwork to help you achieve your business goals.


    PPC provides the opportunity to be displayed on the first page and at the top of results for keywords that are highly competitive that may be impossible to rank for in organic search results.
    With other forms of advertising – billboard, print, TV or radio – you get a wide reach but risk having no one actually visiting your website. With PPC, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads which means that a campaign sending you only a small amount of traffic will cost you a very little amount of money vs. a campaign sending you a lot of traffic which would cost you more money. In short, with PPC advertising you get what you pay for.
    When you use PPC, your ads will be placed on search engines results pages based on the keywords typed by search engine users. You choose the keyword that will trigger your ads to appear – keywords which you think your customers will use when searching for a product or service you offer. Keyword research and suggestion tools are also available to get insights on what people are actually searching for in your category. In addition, PPC is proven to present numerous targeting advantages decreasing the percentage of users clicking on ads are not likely to be interested in your product or service.
    With PPC, you can set a maximum budget on a daily or monthly basis. This allows for some flexibility, either when you just want to test a campaign because the POI has proven itself. You may also effectively schedule your ads to appear based on what you think the days of the week or time of day your target market is searching for a product or service you offer.
    Every keyword that triggered your ads to be displayed (impressions) and every click or click through rate (CTR) and the cost per click for every keyword (CPC) is tracked and measured. Conversions can also be tracked when they make a phone call (requires special tracking software), when they sign-up to your newsletter or fulfill an order form and make a payment. Since results can be measured daily, weekly or monthly, this allows for systematic optimization.

    Houston PPC Services

    Amplify Your PPC Campaigns With Proven Strategies

    Choosing the right keywords is key for a successful PPC campaign. Our Houston PPC services involve finding the best-priced keywords. This helps prevent lots of people from leaving the site quickly and brings more visitors, leading to more sales.

    We optimize our landing web page to increase conversions. Our excellent Houston ppc team and web developers, work together to create ads with user-friendly web to improve conversion. 

    Our Houston PPC team knows how to make sure that people who click on our ads end up buying from us. We use a mix of strategies like SEO, bidding research, and making our website pages better to help make this happen. Whether you need a fresh PPC plan or need help in optimizing your current campaign our PPC team is here to help you.

    Want to make sure your ads reach the right people? Our Houston PPC team knows how to create ads that make you money. We have experts for Google Ads, and they can make sure your ads reach the right people. This means you’ll get more people interested in buying from you right away.

    Our Houston PPC experts test different versions of ads to see which ones work best. This helps businesses stand out from the competition. By doing this, we can make our bidding strategy better and spend money wisely on the best keywords. At Angel SEO Service, we make sure you’re getting the most out of your ads.

    Another way to improve your PPC and other SEO campaigns is to implement conversion rate optimization. Our Houston PPC company has experts who are best at optimizing and analyzing the campaign. They keep an eye on your ads and how people behave online, like what pages they visit before they buy something.  


    Our staff is available and ready to help you free up your time, and get more traffic that converts. Get in touch with our expert team at Angel SEO, where transparency and collaboration are central elements to our culture, and find out more about our PPC management services today! Call us at (832) 382-2024 or fill out the form to Contact Us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Search Engine Marketing is a very effective way to boost your business. While organic traffic and lead generation is all well and good, you must remember that it is time-consuming and a long-term plan. Even then, there are no guarantees that you would be ranked at the top. Because thousands of competitors would be competing for that spot. This is where Search Engine Marketing comes in. It is basically paid to advertise that ensures that your website would always rank at the top in the search results.

    PPC services mean Pay Per Click advertising. It refers to a system of advertisements wherein you have to only pay for the number of clicks on your link. This is a very efficient method of advertising. This is because you always rank fairly good and can generate leads at a low cost. The major thing here is again to conduct a thorough keyword analysis. If you would not be present on the right keyword you would be missing out on your target audience, as simple as that. PPC management services help you gain quality leads at economical costs and boost your revenues.

    If you need more time for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need more money for Search Engine Marketing. SEO aims at getting your website or page to rank at the top of a search organically by leveraging the algorithms of search engines and optimizing your website for the same. The traffic generated and the positioning is thus completely organic and free. SEO is a long drawn out process and is a long-term investment. On the other hand, SEM requires an investment of money but can get your quick results. Your website would always be ranked at the top and you can outrank your competitors easily. Usually, for a quality campaign, you can use a dynamic mix of both to increase visibility on search engines.

    No action is without consequences and no road is without challenges. The road to digital marketing integration is also filled with challenges. PPC advertising is also filled with such roadblocks. Angel SEO, as a PPC marketing agency has worked to find a fix to issues like these. For example- one of the most common client concerns is the cost per lead. But, instead of focusing on this, the focus should be on the conversions and profitability. We make sure that the customer website is optimized and that once a user has entered our environment he is converted easily. Another issue is with keywords. With our expert teams we recommend you keywords that would get you quality and credible leads and help you target your marketing campaign better. All this and so much more. Get in touch with our experts today.

    As opposed to other PPC management services, our focus is on indicators that matter. Client satisfaction and increase in the sales are our biggest goal and we achieve that by putting in time and effort in designing the best-fit marketing package for you. As the focus is you, you can take the centre stage and drive the campaigns. Our collaborative and customized approach leverages the best out of our experienced teams to provide you with quality marketing solutions when it comes to PPC advertising.

    PPC services might seem like they are not your cup of tea on the face if it, but don’t ignore them. It is still a very highly profitable way of marketing, and getting more traffic and leads for your business. The key element is the keyword research. If you are present at the right places, you will definitely get good results. Remember, you can start investing little and then gradually observe the results. It is not necessary to go all outright from the beginning. In short, with the right perspective PPC services can be great for everyone.

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