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Social media management, or social media marketing, is the process of getting tons of people to notice you or your business by utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. social media marketing agency helps bring a large amount of attention to your business and your services or products, and it allows you to connect with prospects or customers that are interested in whatever your products or services may be. Pretty cool, right? Yep, but it takes a lot of work to make all that magic happen. It’s okay though. Keep reading to find out how you can reap all the benefits of that work without actually having to do any of it yourself.


Social media is a fast-growing space in online marketing as more and more people connect with each other, communicate and share thoughts and feelings about businesses, brands, products, and services through status updates, likes, tweets, links, photos, videos, and much more.

    • 1 in 6 minutes online is spent on the social network.
    • 76% of social media users are generally in a positive mood before, during and after their participation in social networking.

[Source: ComScore, Nielsen]


Usage of non-search sites such as social and daily deals for finding local businesses:

    • 15% in 2011 from only
    • 4% in 2008
    • Social network local business search usage has increased nearly 3x since 2008

[Source: ComScore Local, Search Usage Study 2012]

Social network local business search users are still heavily engaged with social local content through the usage of consumer reviews both contributing and using the consumer-generated content.

    • 70% read others’ experiences
    • 65% learn more about businesses, brands, products & services
    • 53% compliment brands
    • 50% express concerns about brands, products & services

[Source: Nielsen]

*This makes social media a great venue to build your brand, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth or viral promotions.

Customer acquisition through social media is increasing across various channels.
Optimize social media for your marketing, content, and connections for high audience reach, engagement, and amplification for brand building and sales.


Social Media ranks 2nd as a growing importance as a source of leads for businesses, with SEO being the largest source.

Social media ranks 2nd as a medium for content marketing by businesses, with Web Pages being the largest source.


Social media usage is fast growing and will pervade across industries, marketing and sales funnels, the buying cycle and customer lifecycle, for many years to come.

has more than…

    • 1 billion monthly active users in 2012 from only…
    • 600 million in 2010. (A 40% growth in 2 years)
    • 600 million monthly mobile active users in 2012 from only…
    • 245 million in 2010. (A 58% growth in 2 years.)

[Source: TechCrunch]

has more than…

    • 200 million monthly active users.
    • 340 million tweets daily.
    • 1.6 billion search queries per day.
    • 50% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.

[Source: TechCrunch]

*The rate at how social media channels are growing in terms of users, customer engagement and acquisition tells us that there is more to come.


We have the experience and know-how to effectively get your name out on the proper social networks that reach the people who matter most (qualified leads) and get them to start talking about your business.

Social Media Marketing Services takes a lot of time that you may not have to spend hanging around social media sites doing various tasks to gain the large abundance of fans, followers, and connections that it will take to propel your business forward. Or maybe you do have the time but you just don’t want to spend it like that, and that’s okay – that’s why we’re here.

One thing to keep in mind is that results won’t happen at the snap of your fingers or even overnight, so you can’t expect them to. If you do, you will wind up feeling overly frustrated and disappointed and you’ll turn into a major grump who no one wants to be around anymore, and then all this work will have been for nothing. The results will happen gradually as more and more people come to know who you are and what your business is all about. Also keep in mind that not all social media marketing companies are made the same. We tailor our social media services to your business needs.


We will create a Google+ Personal Profile and a Google+ Business Page for your company or brand, which you can use to promote your products or services and share information, links, photos, and videos. We will fill out all the details on your profile like your name, your location, contact details, pictures and videos, yadda yadda.

Your Google+ Business Page will be used to keep people up to date on how your business is doing, but we’ll do all the updating for you! We will post information about the latest events and any specials or promos you will be running to drive more visitors to your website. We will also post links to pages that provide more information about your products or services, which will call out to your visitors and make them want to know more about what you are offering so they will consider buying your stuff.

Facebook is big, right? Everyone who’s anyone — and even those who aren’t anyone — has a Facebook page, so it makes sense that we’d also create and optimize a Facebook profile for you, doesn’t it? Well, even if it doesn’t make sense, we’ll still do it. We will set up your Facebook profile and do all the techy stuff to it like resizing and editing it of your banner image. We’ll also double check to make sure all your contact info is correct and update it if necessary. This is just a part of our social media marketing service.

When we’re done with that we’ll move on to creating and optimizing your Facebook business page so you’ll be able to directly interact with and get feedback from your current and potential customers. If you have any announcements to make concerning your business or sales, or if you’re running promos to drive traffic to your website, we’ll update all of that information on your Facebook business page for you on a regular basis, so you can just kick back in your favorite old raggedy recliner, take a long nap, and leave the hard work to us. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your Facebook page reflects your business or brand to a ‘T’ and looks pretty too so you’ll get more interested impressions from your visitors.

Oh, what would the internet be without Twitter? It’d be a lot less cluttered with hashtags, that’s for sure. As you’ve probably guessed, we will create a Twitter profile for you. We’ll fill out all the profile information with your name, contact details, and your location. We’ll write up a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for the “about us” section that will provide people with a sneak peek of your company and services or products. We’ll design a rockin’ Twitter background that reflects your business and brand image. We’ll insert target keywords in the content for optimization purposes and we’ll make sure the look of your Twitter profile is consistent with how your business is represented elsewhere.

Leave all the tweeting up to us. We’ll actively post tweets and real-time updates that include links to your website to generate more traffic in that direction. We’ll make sure you gain followers and that all of your followers will see your tweets in their feed because what good would all this do if they didn’t?


There are literally hundreds of social media platforms across the globe, and we help you pick and choose the right ones that will benefit your business and help you develop a high impact visual brand.

The social networks we mention above are just a bite size of some of the major active social networking sites Angel SEO can manage and optimize for your success.

We’re pretty sure you now get the gist of what our social media marketing services can do for your business. If you’re still looking for big bites of info on social interaction sites, we’re always around to spoon-feed the curious individual. For some of you this may sound entirely boring and, let’s face it, some of the time it can be a yawn fest, but that’s when you should delegate because this stuff really works. You’ll see.


Now you get to hire our awesome social media marketing agency to manage your social networks. It’s important that every business starts building a social media presence online, and the sooner the better. You want to win that race and you can’t do that if you dawdle around the start line, trying to stay pretty. Take off with Angel SEO and let’s help you reach that finish line first.

*Our social media services include profile creation that keeps your customers engaged; content strategy, content production and distribution; paid and organic influencer relations; profile optimization, community management, and more. We provide social media marketing services in Houston (and nationwide).

Ready to get social? Speak with an SMM Specialist now! Call us today or request a quote online.


Are you trying to start a riot among the social media marketing companies here? Well, it is tough to answer this. There are several strategies that can help you boost your business and increase your sale and revenue. However, social media can be used for much more than that. It is a great platform to connect with your target audience and curate a positive brand image. While there is no objective social media marketing strategy, we can surely sit together, brainstorm, and decide upon a strategy that would work for you. Connect with us to take the first right step today.

Good question. We think the answer to this is beyond the scope of a simple FAQ. Social media is an amazing platform for you to connect with your audience. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, enable you to connect with people very easily and build a following. This is something that is equally beneficial for a start-up and an established company. For a start-up, social media helps you to curate a positive brand image. Interacting with your customers is a great way to establish trust. For seasoned businesses, social media provides for a flexible platform where you can garner reviews, sell products, influence the following you have, and use it as a marketing channel. Social media is perhaps the easiest marketing tool at your disposal, lest you use it correctly.

As a social media marketing agency, we work to find a strategy for social media that would be suited just for you and your business. This involves a thorough and deep analysis of past data and your social media ventures. We also love to collaborate with our clients to understand their vision. Where they want to take their business is something that we learn from them, and then we provide strategies about how we can leverage social media to get there. We optimize social media through various different processes, however there is a common thread. Good quality content has to be created for social media so that you have a good reach. Customers are often unforgiving and would scrutinize every little bit. We make sure that your social media postings are timely, and that you get positive reviews from people. After all, customer satisfaction and engagements play a major role in social media. Connect with us today and let go of all your social media maintenance worries.

Social media marketing services is a very broad domain and social media marketing companies like to use a lot of your processes in tandem to provide you with the best results. Some of the processes in social media marketing involve advertising, content creation and postings, content marketing, online campaigns and offers, and so on. A wholesome package of social media marketing service includes a rich mix of these services that we customize according to your business’s needs.

At all stages of the process, we keep you in the loop of what is happening. There is absolutely no need to worry as we will not take many autonomous decisions and the strategic decisions would only be put into effect after prior approval. We operate with complete transparency to provide you with the best of service with our industry’s best experts on the job. At every step of the way, we will discuss the strategy, and plan the execution according to what seems most favourable for you. And go ahead, only when you say so.

Just like organic SEO and free traffic, social media is also an amazingly cost-effective way to boost your business. We believe that social media is free for all platform, and its importance and user base is only going to increase in the coming years. With an increasing number of businesses going digital every day, we understand the value of leveraging the space. We bring to the table decades of cumulative experience and experts that would guide you with a single goal, to see you succeed.

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