SMM Strategies That Facebook Ads Can Teach You

Unlike any other advertising platform, Facebook ads are much more powerful and use advanced tools in digital marketing. It is very feasible to reach your desired audience through the Facebook advertising model. Of course, that’s if we’re talking about something other than Google. Facebook does a great job at connecting consumers with businesses. In this blog, we will discuss a few of the social media strategies that Facebook ads can teach you.

1. Correct Usage of AND & OR Operators

Facebook ads are tailored and customized for a wide range of businesses. However, before starting, you should understand the way Facebook algorithm works. For example, if your targeted ad constitutes two different interest areas, then the ad can only reach the people who fall in both of these interest areas. The creative usage of the AND operator is obvious and explains how the customization should work for the right advertisement. This eliminates unnecessary bombardment of non interest based ads to viewers. Yes, the audience would certainly be minimized but at least they would offer a definite and quality response.

2. Location Is Irrelevant of Place of Residence

Putting the Target area as ‘Texas’ during ad creation does not define that it will reach the people who reside in Texas. It even includes a large amount of people who are somehow transacting with the businesses in that place. It includes the people who have checked in and checked out recently, people who have visited the area for travel and sightseeing, people who are living there and the ones who are about to visit. Re-understanding the concept can help you target the advertisement more effectively.

3. Facebook Ads Do Carry the Idea About Your Interests in Prior Searches

Have you shopped from an eCommerce website recently? Completed a product survey or review on a page? Then your user information may have been shared with Facebook on their global networks. While Facebook carries the potential to guess your interests, it tends to offer you better and more convenient products and services in the same range. This might sound fruitful to many but others might see it as an invasion of privacy. While this does not always happen, keep in mind that some third party websites will sell the users information to Facebook. However, you can always manage the ad priorities in your account settings.

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