Understanding the Relation Between Localization and SEO

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If you run a business and are looking forward to making the most of the current scenario, then you will have to work on your SEO strategy. There might be different aspects of digital marketing, but SEO is one of the most critical elements. And if you are running a business where location matters, then you will have to align localization with your SEO strategy in the most precise way possible.

The relation between localization and SEO

If your business will be using a location-based targeting approach, then you will be looking forward to bringing in customers from your area. Therefore, making sure that your SEO efforts are reaching your audience in an ideal manner is crucial for success. There’s a huge chance that you might be targeting the global market when really you should be focusing locally. For example, unless you’re selling online, the people visiting your store and living in your nearby area are your primary target, especially if you are running a small-sized business.

Just like all other businesses, your local business is bound to have many different types of competitors and to gain a competitive advantage above them in your local area; you will have to use your SEO strategy accordingly. Let’s use Houston for example. When you go for local SEO in Houston, you will easily be able to target your local customers and use a specific approach instead of using the generic approach.

Tips for content localization for better website traffic

Since content is an integral part of your SEO strategy, we must learn how to enhance content localization. Locally relevant content is content that holds value for consumers that reside in a certain country, region, area or city. The content should not only be available in the primary language of your target audience, but the topic needs to be “local” as well.

What does this mean exactly?

Let’s suppose that you’re running a bike shop in Los Angeles. Selling outside your state or national borders is great, but if your target audience resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area, then your digital marketing strategy should incorporate creating content that’s relevant to that specific locale.

For example, let’s propose creating an article that meets the aforementioned three requirements. How about writing about the best bike trails in that area? This information should be tailored for your audience that includes bicycle owners who take frequent or occasional rides.

Working on locally relevant content

This type of content adds value to a particular group of customers living in a specific city or area. It’s true that while writing such type of content for local SEO in Houston, you will have to keep the primary language and dialect in mind, but at the same time, you will have to work on making the topic locally imperative.

For example, if you sell mountain bikes or off-road bikes, bicycles that are specially designed to run on rough and uneven terrains, then instead of targeting the global market with your content, you can promote your mountain bikes for those specific areas. This is to tell the visitors on your website how your product is helping solve their problem or enhance their experience.

Content optimization for local search engine

It’s evident that if you are using the English language on your website, then you will have to align your content according to the algorithms of Google. Still, when it comes down to other languages like Russian or Mandarin, then you will have to start focusing on local search engines. You will be surprised to know that the total share of Google in the search engine market in China is less than 3%. That’s why optimizing your content according to local search engines in case of languages other than English is imperative. If you are unsure about local search engines and their algorithms, then make sure to consult with an agency in Houston, TX for SEO services.

Keeping cultural difference in mind

A person from China and a person from the U.S. will understand the content on your website in a completely different manner, and this is why you will have to keep the cultural difference in mind while localizing your content.

In case you are not aware of the cultural differences, then you should considering consulting with a native speaker or linguistic expert.

Content localization might look like an easy task, but there are many things that you need to keep in mind while doing it. That’s why trusting experts, like our team at Angel SEO Services, would be the best first step before making changes to your own SEO strategy.

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