Why try Instagram Reels to amplify your Social Media Marketing (SMM) in 2022?

Instagram Reels allows users to create engaging and fun video content. The feature for video is available within the United States and 50 other countries and is constantly growing. Like TikTok, Instagram users can create and edit 15-60 seconds set to music and then upload them on their profiles. 

Let’s dive deeper on how Instagram reels and social media marketing services can help you scale up your business.

Facts about Instagram Reels

We have some astonishing facts about reels; scroll down to know more.

Is Instagram a copy of TikTok?

In its role as a rival to other platforms, Instagram has adapted to the latest trends quite quickly. Instagram followed suit and launched reels to draw the content creators and brands. Since the lockdown, millions of users across the globe have adopted TikTok to rid themselves of their boredom. Instagram Reels is virtually identical to TikTok. However, there are a few differences, like Instagram has several additional features, but the time limits for TikTok can be as long as 1 minute. 

Instagram Reels was first launched in Brazil.

Instagram introduced the reels update in an event on the trails in Brazil in November of 2019. It allows reels to be shared via stories or through DMs. It’s called Cenas in Brazil, a part of Instagram Stories instead of a separate app.

More than 1 Billion users join Instagram each month.

Instagram is a global platform with more than one billion people joining every month. This indicates how widely Instagram is growing. The platform is accessible to everyone, whether an ordinary person, a business, or even a famous personality. The site’s popularity makes it easier for people to create accounts and participate in various businesses or actions effortlessly. The introduction of reels will boost its number of subscribers in the near future. A forecast for October 2020 predicts that there will be around 1.2 billion Instagram users all over the world in 2023.

NBA franchises are highly active on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are prone to go viral, mainly when popular teams like LA Lakers, Houston Rockets, and other notable franchises post their content. This has increased the engagement on the platform. It’s an excellent option for those who are willing to expand their knowledge.

E-commerce has taken over Instagram Reels.

Alongside Instagram Reels, Facebook has also launched an additional feature called the Shop tab. This is where you can purchase items via Instagram and support small-scale companies, and get in awe of your favorite creators. In addition, Reel creators can tag products, and users can click to redirect to the brands’ accounts to find out more information or purchase the item.

How can Instagram Reels better engage with your targeted customers?

Businesses use Instagram reels to expand their reach and create a community on Instagram. While Instagram Reels is pretty new, several companies have used the platform and have had tremendous results. Today, brands constantly hire social media marketing services to draw their customers to a larger audience. 

If you can engage with your target audience in an appealing way, you can convert them into your followers. Remember that social media is about communicating and creating connections. Popular brands try to connect with their customers by speaking to their intended audiences. Brands that can successfully promote through Instagram reels develop a genuine voice that affects their targeted audience.

How to use Instagram Reels like a pro for your business?

Create an engaging and professional Instagram account

With Instagram, the branding is visual mainly since it’s an image and video sharing platform. This means that Instagram branding focuses on the aesthetics or appearance of your content and posts. Your Instagram branding image can inform your followers and customers everything about your business from only your pictures. 

Remember, it’s ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’. Therefore, your visual branding needs to be so solid that it promotes your brand, reflects its values and persona, and enhances participation. Remember that you’re competing against millions of IG accounts. Therefore, you have to get users immediately!

Create reels on viral trends that suit your niche

Producing content that resonates with your target audience is essential regardless of the platform you are using. It allows brands to develop genuine relationships with followers and build an online community. Create content or collaborate with influencers that suit your business.

For instance, collaborating with fashion and lifestyle influencers and creating styling tips is a good idea if you are a small apparel brand. You must focus on your business niche and educationally promote your products to create a community. Also, making people aware of your products and services.  

Interact and share user-generated content (A MUST!) 

Engaging your followers is crucial, including commenting or liking posts and influencing your audience to take action. Create a reel that demands your audience to engage. This type of interaction can be an easy and simple method to engage with followers while getting a more profound knowledge of who your users are. You can also hire a top social media marketing agency to help create content or connect with influencers.

Of course, conversations can’t be one-way. If your followers comment on the Instagram reels, it’s essential to respond quickly to keep conversations flowing. Thus, it is advised to read through the comments and reply to any comments made by viewers.

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