How to Choose the Right Competitors to Review?

Gaining competitive advantage belongs to the top 3 priorities of most companies. Still, for doing so, you must understand who your real competitors are and then use your competitor research process to find what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to content. 

Most companies usually narrow down their approach while finding the right competitors to review. They believe that their competitors are only those brands selling similar products or services. Although direct competitor’s content is always a good place to start with, this will cover only half of your digital marketing goals. 

You must have a panoramic view for choosing the right competitors to review and find out how your content stacks up against SERP competitors. 

To make things easier to understand, we have come up with a list of considerations for picking up the right competitors to review. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

Finding the right competitors to review 

If you want to have a good chance of dethroning them instead of making things complicated, you should focus on those competitors who have the same goals as yours. Even a local SEO company will suggest the same and balance the analysis of SERP and direct competitors. 

The competitor that you are going to choose for research should meet the following criteria; 

 Competitors’ content should be relevant and target your ideal user group

You must have an ideal user group/buyer persona and plan your content accordingly to complement your ideal local SEO Texas strategy. Well, the similar two parameters can be used to find out whether you have chosen a suitable competitor or not. 

Please go through the content published by the competitor and find out whether it is relevant to your ideal user group or not. For example, suppose you are running a brand that sells shampoo, and the content published by your competitor touches the pain points of the ideal user group like dandruff or rough scalp. In that case, the company can be a strong contender for a competitor. 

 Follows content strategy and SEO best practices 

An ideal competitor should use a proper content strategy that should be designed around the latest SEO practices. This way, you can even work on the best local SEO Houston practices and content strategy after reviewing the competitor. 

For example, an ideal competitor must be focusing on Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm as search engine bots have become much more conversational. 

Ranks well on SERPs for your target keywords

Use tools like SEMRUSH etc., to find the right target keywords and relative info about the companies coming on the top of your search results; They too have the potential to become your competitor for review. 

The competitors ranking for your target keywords must be using something better than your current strategy to rank on the top. You can use these competitors to have a panoramic view of what you are really up against and which type of opportunities you have.

 Their ranking content should be relevant to your customers and business goals.

Just choosing a competitor based on ranking for your target keywords is not enough, as, in addition to this, the content should also add value to the life of your brand’s users. For example, if you are running a shoe company, then the ranking content of your potential competitor should be somehow related to shoes. 

In addition to this, the content should also align with your business goal and marketing funnel. If you want to get close to the customer through the content, your competitor’s ranking content should have similar goals for different stages. 

Ensure your brand’s domain rating and page authority are reasonably competitive, so changes have the potential to spur keyword growth.

When you ask a local SEO company, they will advise you to choose only those competitors for review who have domain ratings and page authority to be either better than you or similar to you. 

So, while analyzing any potential company for review, you should always check their DA and PA and then compare it to your website. This way, any new changes based on the analysis will have better chances of keyword growth. 

Ensure you have the resources to compete with the brand’s online authority and presence directly

Always be practical while choosing a competitor. Just because a competitor meets all the criteria mentioned above doesn’t mean that you can start competing with eBay while running a backyard e-commerce startup. 

Look at the resources you have and analyze whether they are enough to compete with your chosen competitors or not, and if you can’t compete with them, then step down the level of competition you have got into. 

With 90% of the Fortune 500 companies already using competitive intelligence, there is no way you can skip it while designing an ideal content strategy. But the real challenge is picking up the right competitors to review. 

If a company fulfills all the criteria mentioned in this blog post, you can start analyzing them and then develop your strategy to overcome the competition. 

How can we help?

Competitive Intelligence is the core of our marketing strategy, which sets us apart from the market. While offering content marketing services, we don’t only analyze the specific needs of our clients. Still, we use a panoramic approach and understand what our clients’ ideal competitors are using to give better results. 

When you choose our impeccable content marketing service, you will overcome the neck-wrenching competition on the digital platform.

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